The Whole Darn Marvel Universe is Going 'ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT' '8 Months Later'

All-New, All-Different Marvel graphic
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel sure likes their "All New All Different" branding. A new teaser released by the publisher Friday suggests the whole darn Marvel Univrse will be branded that way this fall after Secret Wars when continuity jumps ahead "8 Months Later." Take a look above.

This follows up on previous branded storytelling eras with "Marvel NOW!," "All-New Marvel NOW!" before Secret Wars. The phrase "All-New, All-Different" was first used to describe the new X-Men line-up in 1975's Giant-Size X-Men, and Marvel have used it recently to describe a new post-Secret Wars Avengers team in a comic released on Free Comic Book Day titled, obviously, All-New, All-Different Avengers. Marvel's Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort used the "All-New All-Different Marvel" phrase in a Wired UK interview back in March talking about the FCBD title and what it meant.

"It's an All-New, All-Different Avengers for an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe!" said Brevoort. "So throw out your preconceptions about Earth's Mightiest Heroes as we change the game, rewrite the rules and destroy childhoods with an Avengers team that more closely reflects the world outside your window!"

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