A Quick Herogasm Check-In with John McCrea

A Quick Check-In with John McCrea

The Boys: Herogasm #1, pages 2-3

We’ve spoken with The Boys: Herogasm writer Garth Ennis about the May-debuting miniseries which pulls back and layers on what really happens during super hero teamups…or at least what happens in the world of The Boys.

Today, we catch up with Ennis’ Irish collaborator on the miniseries (and many other projects), John McCrea, to hear what he’s been up to, and what got him back together with Ennis.

Newsarama: John, you've kind of had a lowered profile with American audiences lately, so can you give an update of where you've been?

John McCrea: Since JLA/Hitman, I've been working for British comics drawing TMNT,

Hulk, Spider-Man and Transformers among others. The main reason for this was the poor exchange rate made the British work more appealing.

I've also been drawing The 99 (I'm working on #10) which was a draw for me because it meant I got to work with one of my favorite people in the industry, colorist and editor Marie Javins (formerly of Marvel fame).

NRAMA: What led you back to Garth?

JM: He rang me up and offered me the job - I said yes.

NRAMA: The two of you just can't seem to quit each other, can you?

JM: I keep trying to quit, but he keeps writing these damn fine stories.

NRAMA: You've got the entire Boys pantheon to draw in Herogasm. Were there any particular challenges to moving into a "new" universe (for you) and having to draw...everyone?

JM: I sat down and read the first three trades three times and by then I had a pretty good handle on everyone. It's a well realized universe, and Darick's designs are great so absolutely no problems. I only wish I had got to draw Tech-Knight.

NRAMA: Of The Boys themselves, did any character present more of a challenge than the others in regards to capturing their emotion and feel?

JM: Not so far, like I said Garth and Darick have done a bang up job so I have no problems (except deadlines). I'm working closely with a friend of mine on the project - Keith Burns - and the combination of our art styles is working well. (I hope)!

NRAMA: Artistically speaking, what's it like to come in to a "world" that's largely been defined by one artist - Darick in this case?

JM: Easy-peasey.


NRAMA: What's your take on the story of Herogasm? From the solicitation, one would assume that it's you and Garth back up to your fairly maniacal tricks again...

JM: Oh yes, it's fairly extreme in places, I do get to cut loose quite often. Some nice "splash" pages . . .

NRAMA: With The Boys, while there's a surface layer of dark humor and mad action, it's pure Garth in that there's an undercurrent of emotion that cuts you to the core as a reader. Your work on Hitman was a prime example of this. What are the keys to being able to switch things up in a heartbeat like that? Is there some hook that you really try to nail, the eyes for example, when needing to punctuate an otherwise crazy moment with strong emotion?

JM: It's just a matter of getting to know the characters and then they tend to draw themselves - while I sit around scoffing caviar and quaffing champagne. Oh the life of a comic artist, I tell you.

NRAMA: What are you plans after Herogasm? Do you have any more work with Garth coming up, or have you thought about lobbying Garth and Nick [Barrucci] to be the regular go-to guy for upcoming Boys spinoff miniseries?

JM: I'm drawing a Captain America story with Paul Jenkins for the second book in his Theater of War 4 parter which should be out April/May time. With The 99 still running and The Boys being six issues, I'm busy for a while.

After that, Garth and I are planning a new Dicks series because the fans demanded it, but that wouldn't be ‘til the end of the year. As for lobbying for more Boys, I think that's up to the readers . . . would be cool though.

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