Report: FLASH Season 2 To Explore Multiple Timelines Including EARTH-TWO

Flash #123
Flash #123
Credit: DC Comics

While speaking to TV Guide about Tuesday's season finale, Flash star Grant Gustin spilled the beans on some things viewers can expect in season two, namely multiple timelines and possibly even a visit to Earth-Two.

"What's fun about this show is that there's going to be multiple timelines as we move forward," said Gustin. "I think we're going to start showing Earth-One and Earth-Two in the near future. There will be kind of different dimensions going on."

While Gustin did not provide details of what that would entail, it was Barry Allen who first crossed over into Earth-Two in comics, in Flash #123's story "Flash of Two Worlds." In that story, Barry learned that Earth-Two was populated by the JSA, including the original Flash, Jay Garrick, a status quo that was restored with the New 52.

The Flash season one finale airs tonight at 8PM on the CW.

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