Report: Marvel Reveals More Post-SECRET WARS Details

"Future Imperfect #1" first look
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

With Secret Wars in full gear, fans can help but look ahead as to what comes after this advertised "end of everything." And at this weekend's Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, the publisher has reportedly given some more information on the survivors.

CBR reports that the publisher revealed that several titles and elements introduced and re-introduced in Secret Wars wll stick around after the event is over. The evil future version of the Hulk, Maestro (as seen in Future Imperfect) will be continuing on in some form, as well as some survivors from "dead universes" killed in the incursions leading up to Secret Wars.

Although the identity of those survivors, or the universes they're from, are still under wraps, a Marvel rep says they'll be featured in new books as well as crossing over into others.

An early example of that would seem to be the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, who has already been revealed as part of the post-Secret Wars All-New, All-Different Avengers as seen in one of two Free Comic Book Day issues from Marvel and would seem to qualify as a refugee of the dead Ultimate Universe.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"There are a couple things from our books that we will keep using when Secret Wars is over," said Jacob Friedfeld, Marvel's Sales Communication & Event Corodinator. "[A-Force and Maestro are] going to be around. It's not going to go away when 'Secret Wars' is over."

Friedfeld also reitterated a past comment from Marvel that Jason Aaron's Weirldworld series would continue past Secret Wars, as well as the supernatural version of the Howling Commandos seen in Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandos.

Furthermore, Friedfeld pointed to the Secret Wars Battleworld map saying that it wouldn't end with the event.

"[Battleworld will] extend far beyond Secret Wars itself," Friedfeld is quoted as saying. "We will be going back to it."

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