ARCHIE Cancels KICKSTARTER Over Negative Reaction To Crowdfunding

"Archie #1" Midtown Comics variant by Cameron Stewart
Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Archie Comics

After four days and uneven response from comics fans and members of the comic book industry, Archie Comics announced Friday that it is cancelling its Kickstarter. Originally launched on Monday, the $350,000 Kickstarter was sought by the publisher in order to fast-track three planned series tying into the July re-launch of its flagship Archie title: Jughead by Chip Zdarsky, Betty & Veronica by Adam Hughes and Life With Kevin by Dan Parent and J. Bone.

"While the response to these new titles has been amazing, the reaction to an established brand like Archie crowdfunding has not been," the publisher said in a statement on its Kickstarter page. "Though we saw this as an innovative, progressive and 'outside-the-box' way to fund the accelerated schedule we wanted to produce these books, it became another conversation, leading us further away from the purpose of this whole campaign: to get these amazing books in the hands of fans faster than we could on our own. While we fully expected our goal to be funded, it was no longer about the books and how amazing they will be. We don’t want that. This is why we’re shutting this Kickstarter down today."

As of the cancellation date Friday, the publisher had garnered $34,506 - less than 10% of its aimed goal of $350,000. The "reaction" the publisher refers to is some critics who saw a major comics publisher with mainstream brand recognition and a 75 year track record attempting to use crowdfunding to raise capital funding.

The publisher says that plans for these three new titles aren't canceled, but will come out at a reduced pace than they had hoped if they had received the $350,000 from Kickstarter.

"The wonderful New Riverdale titles we wanted to launch will still come out—albeit not as quickly as we would have hoped had we attained the funding via Kickstarter," the publisher states. "We believe in these books and know they’ll find an audience in comic shops, fueled by great stories and amazing creators."

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