Second SUPERGIRL Trailer Shows More Powers, Raises New DCTV-Verse Questions

Credit: CBS

A second, more action-packed Supergirl trailer has hit the web showcasing some new powers for Kara such as heat vision, and focusing on the villain, Vartox. But there's more to this trailer than meets the eye.

While the trailer - which is low-res/second generation and comes from YouTube user "Booker DeWitt", suggesting it's not an official CBS release - is significant for showcasing action that looks surprisingly big budget for network TV, it's that last line that's the real kicker. "Earth doesn't have just one hero anymore."

Since the show's inception, there have been questions as to whether Supergirl would exist in the same realm as CW's Arrow, Flash, and new spin-off Legends of Tomorrow, since Supergirl will air on CW's parent network, CBS. In January 2015 during the Television Critics Association press tour, Greg Berlanti - who is producing all four mentioned shows - was quoted  as saying he'd like to see that. A few days later, CBS President Nina Tassler seemingly shot down that idea however, saying "Well, those two shows are on a different network, so I think we'll keep Supergirl to ourselves for awhile"

While the question remains, it would seem, based on the line about Earth not having "just one" hero, that Supergirl and her still-yet-to-be-namechecked cousin might just exist in their own corner of DC's TV oeuvre.

Check out the new trailer right here (via Spoiler TV):

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