Vandal Savage
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

The official synopsis for CW's Legends of Tomorrow has been released, and along with confirming that time-traveler Rip Hunter assembles the team of heroes, it also makes reference to the "immortal threat" that sends Hunter back in time to bring the team together.

And now we seemingly know who that immortal threat is: Vandal Savage.

Thursday morning at the CW's Upfronts presentation, the network reportedly revealed Savage will be the series first "antagonist," fitting the bill seemnigly as the "immortal threat" referenced in the official synopsis.

In DC Comics, Vandal Savage (a Justic League and Justice Society villain) was born a caveman in prehistoric times but granted immortality by a strange meteor that fell from the sky. In addition to immortality, it also worked to evolve his mind and body beyond his cro-magnon origins to be ahead of his time, both then and into the present day (and sometimes in the future, even).

Interestingly, this wouldn't be the first time Vandal Savage appeared on a live-action DC television series ...sort of. In an episode of Smallville, one-time Superman Dean Cain of The Adventures of Lois & Clark played a new character named Dr. Curtis Knox whose origins, down to the meteor strike, were directly taken from Vandal Savage's comic book origins. Smallville writer and executive story editor Bryan Q. Miller later confirmed that the character was originally intended to be Savage but Warner Bros. requested the name change. Dean Cain, coincidentially, is coming back to DC TV - but in another show, Supergirl - in an as-yet unnamed role.

Ther's no word yet on who is cast to play Vandal Savage in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In related news, CW President Mark Pedowitz also re-itterated at the Upfronts (according to Deadline) that the network planned on for its DC superhero shows to crossover on a yearly basis.

“The crossover was so successful, we will be making it a special event in fourth quarter every year,” said Pedowitz.

Given DC's Legends of Tomorrow is now part of CW's superhero show line-up with Arrow and The Flash, that this new show could also be part of the planned crossovers.

Credit: The CW

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is scheduled to premiere in early 2016 on the CW.

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