SUPERGIRL Trailer: The Official Non-Superman SUPERMAN Reference Count

Superman in Supergirl trailer
Superman (presumably) in the SUPERGIRL trailer
Credit: CBS

You may have noticed something interesting and somewhat conspicuous about the 6:36 Supergirl preview/trailer released Wednesday by CBS (below) - the trailer refers to Superman … a lot … but without ever actually referring to him at all.

Star Melissa Benoist’s voiceover reference to “My cousin, Kal-El” in the trailer’s opening seconds is the closest it came to an actual proper reference, otherwise there were a lot of general nouns and pronouns in place of “Superman” (not to mention the vague visual reference above).

For those interested in an actual count, we did the math:

There was one more “cousin,” a “your cousin,” and a “my cousin”, and then…

“His” (1)
“Him” (2)
“He” (7)

That’s 14 separate references in 6:36 without actually saying the word “Superman.”

It’s too soon to tell, but CBS and Warner Bros. TV may be making a creative decision, or observing a legal necessity, by not actually uttering the word “Superman.”

Either way, if the trends continues, expect “Non-Superman Superman References” to become a popular Supergirl drinking game when the series debuts Mondays at 8PM this fall.

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