Marvel 'Rebooting' ... Check That - 'Relaunching' Line After SECRET WARS Tweets Exclusive Creator

"Secret Wars #1" variant for Dallas Fan Expo
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

What will happen to Marvel's comic book universe after Secret Wars? One prominent Marvel creator has an answer.

On Twitter, Marvel exclusive writer G. Willow Wilson was promoting the new isssue of Ms. Marvel, describing it as the last issue before Secret Wars.

A fan asked if it was the "last issue ever? Or last for awhile?," leading Wilson, who is co-writing the upcoming A-Force title launching during Secret Wars, to describe what would be a major shift in Marvel's comic book line.

Here's what she wrote:

Several minutes later, Wilson clarified it to call the line-wide change a "jumping-on point" and a "relaunch" rather than a "reboot."

Although details on the state of Marvel post-Secret Wars remains officially unconfirmed both storylines in Marvel's Free Comic Book Day title All-New, All-Different Avengers are set after Secret Wars but seemingly referenced a pre-established history and not a complete reboot ala DC's "New 52."

Marvel declined to comment on Wilson's tweet or the post-Secret Wars Marvel U Monday afternoon.

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