Sean Wang's 'Runners' Moves Online

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The highly-acclaimed sci-fi adventure comic RUNNERS, by Sean Wang, launches as a free daily webcomic at , starting March 2009. The hit series about alien smugglers trying to get by in a universe on the brink of war will now be available completely for free online, launching on March 2, 2009, with new pages posting 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. The site will start with the first story arc, RUNNERS: Bad Goods, in its entirety.

The full-color second story arc, RUNNERS: The Big Snow Job, originally slated to be published by Archaia Studios Press in 2008, will now post as an online comic on, following the conclusion of the first arc. “The idea is that as an online comic, the audience won’t be limited to just those who can find the book on their store shelves,” says series creator Sean Wang. “It will be available to everyone, with no fee, no subscription costs, nothing. And in these tough economic times and rising comic prices, who couldn't use a little free entertainment?”

“I’m still a fan of print comics,” continues Wang, “so the second series will still be collected into graphic novel format after it finishes posting online. But I hope to use the free webcomic to build the audience as large as possible in the meantime. I firmly believe that many who read the series online at will still want to purchase the printed volumes. Hopefully, with a larger audience that is familiar with the series, comic stores can then order the books with more confidence that they aren't ‘taking a chance’ on an unknown small press book. So everyone wins! “

Wang will also be including bonus material for the online content, saying, “I'll be adding notes, trivia, and behind-the-scenes info to most pages I post, so even long-time readers will get something new out of the webcomic. And there's also a shiny, new forum for all you RUNNERS fans, both new and old, to get your geek on! So if you've never read RUNNERS before, now is your chance to read it completely for free online at And for those of you who have read it, and have been championing and supporting the series, please help me spread the word, so everyone else can discover what you've known about for years.”

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