THE FLASH Rogue Air Trailer

Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm
Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm
Credit: CW

A trailer for next week's upcoming Flash episode "Rogue Air" has hit the web, featuring Flash teaming up with Arrow and Firestorm to take on Harrison Wells, the Reverse Flash. 

Here's the official plot summary:

"As Wells once again gets the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Barry realizes he needs to make a big move and reaches out to an old foe, Captain Cold, for help. Joe and Caitlin warn Barry that Cold can't be trusted. True to form, Cold has his own agenda that involves the meta-humans trapped in the containment cells. As things seem to be going from bad to worse, The Flash gets reinforcements - Arrow and Firestorm."

"Rogue Air" airs next Tuesday, May 12 on the CW.

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