MACHINIMA Announce Digital TV Series Based ON DIAL H FOR HERO and STARMAN

"Dial H #11" cover by Brian Bolland
Credit: DC Comics

Comic book heroes are joining digital television more than ever, and on Monday Machinima announced three projects with DC Entertainment. Presented as part of the Digital Content Upfronts, Machinima and DC are developing a revamped version of Dial H For Hero titled #4Hero, a reality TV competition show for filmmakers to produce a Starman short called DC's Hero Project, and a second season of the animated series Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles set to launch in June.

#4Hero is described as a live-action "modern adaptation" of Dial H For Hero that will be focused on Nellie Tribble, who founds a smartphone app that turns her into a super hero for a limited amount of time. This social media tweak goes to more than just an app, as the random hero Tribble becomes is based on whatever is trending on social media at the time. Machinima describes #4Hero as a "VFX-heavy action comedy."

Starman comes to life as a reality show competition called DC's Hero Project. Eight contestants vie in elimination challenges for the reward of developing a live-action short video based on Starman. Machinima promises "well-known guest judges" with Geoff Johns named as one of a panel of judges for the entire show.

The announced second season of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chonicles at Machinima comes before the first season even debuts in June. Machinima says the second season will be 10 episodes.

“Fandom and gaming engenders so much passion and engagement; it’s a cultural shift uniquely connecting with the most valuable millennials,” said Chad Gutstein, Machinima’s CEO.  “It’s this deep connection to our audience that has made Machinima the ninth largest video entertainment platform in the United States, and the second most watched programmer on YouTube.  With our new slate, we are reminding our fans and our clients of one very important fact: Machinima is back!”

Other series announced by Machinima include Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta, High School 51, a Robocop webseries, an animated series called Happy Wheels, and Jerome ASF's The Baka Chronicles

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