Clone Wars Weekly - Mace Windu Steps Up

Clone Wars Weekly - Mace Windu Steps Up

For most of this season, we’ve seen Mace Windu as a holographic image commanding Obi Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka. With this last chapter in the Ryloth trilogy, “Victory on Ryloth,” we finally get to see the Jedi Master in action.

For the record, it seems each chapter of this 3-parter focused on a different set of key characters. The first, “Battle Over Ryloth,” the focus was on the young Master Anakin and his padawan. In the second, it was Obi Wan and his clone troopers. The big difference this time is Mace works pretty much on his own as he aims to take down the besieged planet’s capital city.

Not that it’s going to be easy. This episode’s key Separatist, Wat Tambur, has a near insurmountable defense. That’s where this episode, quite frankly, falls apart. Honestly, while we know Windu is one of the two most powerful Jedi’s in this time period of the Star Wars Universe, you just can’t see Tambur and his ‘droids being as honestly as dumb as they are this time, especially considering how they handled things up to now.

On the plus front, if seeing Windu turn Tambor’s army into scrap metal, you’ll be properly pleased.

The story was developed by main writer Henry Gilroy, alongside creator George Lucas and supervising director Dave Filoni. Apparently, director Rob Coleman and Gilroy were intrigued with the prospect of exploring the viewpoint of the conflict’s non-military combatants, particularly with regard to their dealings with the Jedi. As such, the episode also has Windu playing diplomat with the various Twi’lek factions, and there are some. Quite frankly, it’s diplomacy more out of desperation, but it has its point.

“Jedi were never intended to be generals in an army, and this was our first chance to focus on Mace Windu. So rather than show him as a fantastic warrior, we explore his exceptional skills as a negotiator,” Gilroy says. “We put Mace in a position to recruit the Twi’lek freedom fighters to join the clones in trying to free the capital city of Ryloth.”

“This is probably my favorite episode in that it’s a really strong script. Mace is our hero, and there are some really cool environments, which allows us to explore some unique action,” says Coleman. “We open in a canyon battle with droids firing on a convoy of walkers, then there’s this fortress with a plasma bridge that could turn on and turn off at any time. We did a lot of long shots, moving and staying with the characters in action. So there’s a lot of fun to play with here.”

As it stands, it’s a serviceable episode, despite its weak points.

For the record, next week’s episode apparently is going to be very important. It will introduce a major new character, named Cad Bane, who’s going to become quite important to in the second season. According to inside sources, Bane is a bounty hunter based a lot on Lee Van Cleef’s character in the film The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. So cue up the Nino Rota soundtrack, we’re going to talk a lot more about Bane next week.

SPECIAL NOTE: It’s been reported that there will be a new Star Wars TV series in the works, one that will take place in the time period before “A New Hope.” Informed sources inside Lucasfilm want to send out the warning that the announcement was a tad premature.

While Lucasfilm admits they are “exploring” the development of this new, unnamed series, the source also wanted to make it well known that casting hasn’t even begun. If anything, if the show does happen casting will only start next year, in 2010. With that in mind, if the series happens at all, we shouldn’t be surprised if it won’t debut until 2011.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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