Justice League by Alex Ross
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: CW's The Flash twitter

Think the Justice League is strictly a DC Comics or Warner Bros. big-screen superteam? Well, you may have to think again.

On Friday, the Twitter page for CW's The Flash posted an interesting comic page teasing upcoming events of the television series. In it, Barry Allen (the likeness of Grant Gustin) comes face-to-face with Harrison Wells' secret supercomputer from the future, Gideon. And one of the first words out of Gideon's mouth when talking to Barry was reading off a resume that included being director of Central City's CSI division as well as a founding member of the "Justice..." - well, take a look for yourself at right.

Justice League? Justice Society? Justice Task Force? (Just kidding on that last one.)

Keep in mind, Gideon is from the future that Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Reverse-Flash, comes from. In the current timeframe of The Flash, Barry is just an assistant forensic investigator for the police, not director of their CSI division. So Gideon seems to be giving Barry insight into his future deeds and accomplishments.

But how soon is this future?

And while the CW's The Flash is a continuity based in television and seperate from DC Comics' continuity, DC publishes a digital comic series The Flash: Season Zero officially set in the TV show's continuity, and one that this teaser comics page seems to be pulled from.

Friday The CW also released a new teaser for the final four episodes of The Flash in a video package dubbed "The Reckoning." No sign of a "Justice" anything there, but it does point straight to a long-awaited showdown between the Flash and the Reverse-Flash that may provide some more answers to Barry's future, or more questions.

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