Report: Marvel Talks Post-SECRET WARS, A-FORCE As 'Lead' Book & Return of CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE

Panel from 'Captain America: White' by Tim Sale
Credit: Marvel Comics

C2E2 is underway Friday in Chicago, and Marvel is rolling out news on Secret Wars and what comes next in a retailer-only breakfast panel. BleedingCool reports several pieces of news from the presentation.

One of key points of discussion was of course Secret Wars with the publisher promising retailers a 56-page free Secret Wars preview book to be given out at stores.

They also delved into post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe by revealing that the A-Force series will continue and be "a leading team book" for their line-up. Other Secret Wars titles including Squadron Sinister, Weirdworld and AvX would continue in some form past the end of the event.

And next week, Marvel states they'll be revealing more about what's happening post-Secret Wars with an announcement titled "8 Months Later." No other details on this was given, but 8 months was the time jump Jonathan Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers series jumped ahead of other Marvel titles with "Time Runs Out," the lead-in to Secret Wars.

On a purely speculative note, Marvel may be planning another post-Secret Wars curiosity-seekers jumping-on point in the vein of DC's "One Year Later," perhaps in September to go head-to-head with DC's now annual September event.

In other news, the long-delayed series Captain America: White series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale is seemingly resurfacing. Originally announced for 2008, the series put out a #0 issue before being put on the shelf - the delays attributed to Loeb's busy schedule as head of Marvel Television. Now apparently that's over, as Marvel announced that Captain America: White is returning in September in anticipation of the 2016 Captain America: Civil War movie. No new art was shown for this six-issue series.

Marvel also announced a new Howling Commandos series, once again injecting a supernatural influence into the name originally used for Nick Fury's World War II-era fighting force. Frankenstein's Monster, Werewolf by Night, The Mummy, and Man-Thing appear to be the stars. No date was given for the series' launch, but it would assumedly be on or after September 2015.

Credit: Bleeding Cool

Marvel also reportedly disclosed that Spider-Gwen #1 sold over 300,000 copies in the comic book Direct Market (no word is those numbers were aided by a bundle service like Loot Crate). The publisher went on to tell the assembled retailers that the series won't end during or after Secret Wars, despite Marvel's previous tagline for Secret Wars that "Everything Ends."

The publisher also teased that UFC fighter CM Punk will be returning to the House of Ideas for an as-yet-unnamed comic book, to be officially announced Sunday at the con.

Marvel declined to comment or confirm the information they reportedly announced to a roomful of retailers Friday afternoon.

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