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Is Iron Man's movie armor in danger of getting repossessed? Two artists think so.

The Hollywood Reporter has news that comics artists Ben and Ray Lai have brought a lawsuit against Marvel Entertainment over the design of Iron Man in movies. The two brothers allege copyright infringement and unfair business practices over similiarities between their 2001 comic series Radix published by Image and the Iron Man suits in the Iron Man films.

The duo claim that their Radix series featured characters who "wear highly detailed, mechanized suits of body armor" that was unique to its comic, and that Marvel's Iron Man didn't feature that until after various Marvel employees saw Radix, which was published in 2001. The Rai brothers said they were hired by Marvel in 2002 based on their work on Radix.

"It was not until after the Lai brothers’ submitted their work in Radix to Marvel that Marvel began depicting Iron Man wearing the Suits," states the lawsuit. "The Suits are substantially similar to the armor depicted in the Radix Materials years earlier. Neither the Lai brothers nor Plaintiff authorized any of the Defendants to exploit the Radix Materials in these or any other ways."

According to the lawsuit, previous Iron Man comics featured the character wearing "simple spandex-like attire and minimal armor," while after Marvel became aware of Radix, the films featured Iron Man "wearing a fully mechanized suit of body armor" taken from Radix.

Although Iron Man was created years before the Lais were even born, according to THR copyright law allows for "new aspects of expression" to be copyrighted if the creation is "sufficiently delineated" and not generic.


Credit: Netflix

Charlie Cox Talks DAREDEVIL Season 2 Villains & Debut Date

Just days after Netflix announced that Marvel's Daredevil would be returning for a new season, the series' titular star Charlie Cox spoke with Empire about what he hopes and expects in terms of adversaries as well as release dates.

“I have to be careful because we just got commissioned so I have no idea who is going to turn up,” said Cox. “Based on the show we’ve created, which is very grounded in reality, I’d like to see Punisher maybe show up, a little bit of Elektra maybe. I wouldn’t mind Black Widow making an appearance, and you can’t think about Daredevil for too long without thinking of Bullseye. I don’t know when or if or how that would happen, but it’d be cool if it did."

Cox says definitively that the Defenders won't air until after Daredevil's second season, and considers it a bonus.

“What’s exciting is to have a season where [Matt Murdock] is really embodying his alter-ego before we get to the Defenders."

Cox goes on to say that the second season of Daredevil pushed back original scheduling plans for Defenders, but outlines how he sees the Marvel/Netflix schedule all playing out.

“We’ll begin shooting [Daredevil's second season] in the second half of the year,” the actor says. “It’ll be the same timeline as the last show, so season two will come out about this time next year. Again, I’m imagining all this, but they’ll probably do Iron Fist or Luke Cage at the same time, followed by the other one [of the two] in the first half of 2016 and then maybe Defenders in the second half of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.”


50 CENT Wants To Change Into MARVEL Superhero

Ask most any actor, rapper, or rapper-turned-actor, and they'd probably admit some interest in being part of the booming superhero movie business. And you can count 50 Cent among them.

During last weekend's CinemaCon, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was on the red carpet for the upcoming movie Spy and ComicBook's BD Comito asked him about any ambitions for superhero casting calls.

"I’d like to play any superhero! Can you talk to the people from Marvel for me?"

According to ComicBook, their reporter offered to call Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige which prompted 50 Cent to respond enthusiastically, saying "Let's get him on the phone right now!"

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