VAMPIRELLA On Express Elevator To Hell In ALIENS Crossover

Aliens / Vampirella
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Space horror meets space vampire.

Friday Dynamite announced a new series in their ongoing partnership with Dark Horse Comic that brings together two horror icons: the Xenomorphs of Aliens and Vampirella. Aliens/Vampirella is an upcoming new six-issue series by Corinna Bechko and Javier Garcia-Miranda coming out in September 2015, with Bechko calling the Xenomorphs "implacable horror" and Vampirella a strong woman with attitude.

Of course, the Aliens franchise is build off strong female characters with Ripley -- but what if Vampirella had faced the Xenomorphs instead of Sigourney Weaver's character? Newsarama asked that, and more, in a talk with Bechko about Aliens/Vampirella.

Newsarama: Corinna, what cam you tell us about Aliens/Vampirella?

Corinna Bechko: Without spoiling too much, I’ll say that this is a story set in the near future, on a Martian base that’s just encountered a problem that only Vampirella can deal with. So from the start there’s a dichotomy between Vampirella and her human counterparts. Of course, it isn’t long before everyone has something more to worry about than a vampire in their midst. The art is being handled by Javier Garcia-Miranda, a fact I couldn’t be happier about. I’ve already seen some of the pages from the first issue and the energy he brings to the book is fantastic. It’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with him.

Nrama: Was this crossover your idea, or was it one presented to you from the get-go? And if so, what'd you think of this off-beat crossover?

Bechko: It was presented to me, but from the start I was really excited about it. Alien is one of my favorite films, and I love Aliens almost as much. Then having Vampirella square off against that type of threat? Who could resist? She’s got such attitude, but of course these creatures don’t care about attitude. So she’s got to use every bit of cunning, strength, intelligence, and ability to counter them. It was a really fun pitch to work out. 

Nrama: For this, are you looking to find common ground between the Aliens franchise and Vampirella, or are you looking to exploit their unique differences?

Bechko: It’s really the contrast that I find interesting. Some would call Vampirella a type of monster, but her goals and motivations are understandable. With something like a Xenomorph, beyond basic survival and reproduction, those things are unknowable. And that makes them truly frightening.

Nrama: I assume Vampirella will be in this, but coming from the Aliens franchise --is it the Xenomorphs, or something else?

Bechko: CSB: Oh, definitely, Xenomorphs! They are terrifying creatures, definitely ranking among the most repulsive and fascinating ever designed. Rest assured, there will be no shortage of Xenomorphs throughout this mini. And just wait until you see how Javier deals with them! They really come alive on the page.

Nrama: How many issues will this be?

Bechko: Six. Which is lovely, because it gives us enough room to tell a rather meaty story.

Nrama: Sometimes Vampirella has some alien roots --will you be exploring that at all seeing as how this involves other aliens?

Credit: Dynamite Entertaniment

Bechko: Not as such, although compared to the humans in this story Vampirella is very “other.” That causes quite a bit of friction since people sometimes have a hard time trusting anyone who is different. Still, with a threat as frightening as what they’re up against here, it’s easier to band together under the banner of “earthlings.”

Nrama: Last question -- how would the original Alien have ended if it was Vampirella in there instead of Ripley?

Bechko: Well, I’m tempted to say that Ripley and Vampirella have more in common than either might suspect, given that they are both smart, capable, and no one’s fool. Vampirella has had a lot more life experience than Ripley, given her incredibly long span, but Ripley has Jones to care about and I think that keeps her trying hard to make it through to the end. Of course, to a being like Vampirella an amusing person might fill the role of a well-loved pet, so if Vampirella was in Alien I think it’s possible that Brett would have lived.

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