GUGGENHEIM Talks Resurrections & Returns After Wednesday's ARROW - SPOILERS

Still from "Arrow" episode, 'The Fallen.'
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If you had the ability to bring back dead loved ones, it'd be hard not to -- and the showrunners behind the CW's Arrow are dealing with that.

Spoilers ahead for those who aren't caught up on Arrow.

In Wednesday's episode of Arrow, titled "The Fallen," Oliver Queen made a bitter bargain with Ra's al Ghul for access to a Lazarus Pit to save his dying sister Thea. In exchange, Queen committed to joining the now fully revealed as evil League of Assassins. But now that the door is open, how soon until there's a line of dead characters waiting to be revived? Not so fast, says executive producer Marc Guggenheim in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"Now that we've got it in our world, and we have a lot of dead characters in our world, we will be addressing how it works and the circumstances and things of that nature," says Guggenheim." I know that is something our fans are going to be very interested in. I'm sure after the events of episode 20, there will be a lot of, 'Get Tommy in the pit. Get Moira in the pit.' We don't have any plans to do that, but we have an explanation for why that is the case."

Although Guggenheim pointedly knocks down the idea of Colin Donnell's Tommy or Susanna Thompson's Moira returning by way of a Lazarus Pit, he doesn't mention the original Black Canary, Sara Lance, as played by Caity Lotz, who is slated to return for the untitled spinoff show from Arrow and The Flash, although it is not yet know if Lotz will return as Lance.

What Guggenheim does say is that the Lazarus Pit isn't a simple procedure, and comes with complications for Thea.

"Everything in the show has consequences, and that's something we've been consistent about," says Guggenheim. "It's something you will continue to see not just through the end of season three but into season four."

Guggenheim also confirmed that Colton Haynes' return to the show as Roy Harper after his departure earlier this month will happen in episode 22 to see the recuperating Thea.

"The one loop we haven't tied off is the relationship between Roy and Thea," Guggenheim says. "That storyline in episode 22 is really designed to put a punctuation mark on their love affair."

Arrow has two more episodes before the season finale on May 13, 2015.

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