Report: Original WONDER WOMAN Director's Pitch Was Too 'Epic' For WARNER BROS.

Wonder Woman by Alex Ross
Wonder Woman by Alex Ross
Credit: DC Comics

With Patty Jenkins onboard to direct Wonder Woman for 2017, Warner Bros. looks to have righted the ship after original director Michelle MacLaren's departure. But a report coming out Friday purports to offer insight into why Warner Bros. changed course.

Variety reports that MacLaren's vision for the Gal Gadot-fronted Wonder Woman film was an "epic origin tale in the vein of Braveheart," while Warner Bros. is aiming for a "character-driven story" that was less action-oriented, an approach they'll reportedly stick to if Jenkins remains attached.

Additionally, unnamed Warner Bros. executives reportedly had second thoughts about MacLaren's resume not having any feature film credits. Incoming director Patty Jenkins, while also a veteran TV director, has directed independent feature films, most notably Monster.

Variety's unnamed sources go on to say that due to MacLaren's unfamiliarity with feature films, pre-production on Wonder Woman was "torturous." It's due in part to the nature of Warner Bros. plans for the project, as after receiving the newest draft of screenwriter Jason Fuchs' screenplay, they taped "as many as five" other screenwriters to work up their own scripts while also having executives test other story concepts -- including one by MacLaren, which was reportedly received poorly.

According to Variety, the quick addition of Jenkins will allow the studio to take on schedule for a fall start date and a June 23, 2017 release.

Warner Bros. will now reportedly turn their attention to finding Wonder Woman's male lead/love interest  and test offers for a handful of actors are expected to be solicited soon. Variety previously reported that rumors that Scott Eastwood's role in David Ayer's Suicide Squad would be Steve Trevor - Wonder Woman's traditional love interest - were not accurate. 

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