George Reeves' SUPERMAN Returns to Network Primetime... Sort of

George Reeves as Superman
George Reeves as Superman
Credit: CBS

Superman returns... Sort of.

Deadline is reporting that CBS is bringing popular 1950's series I Love Lucy back to air in colorized episodes this May. The episodes L.A. At Last! and Lucy and Superman will air on May 17 at 8PM.

While the network has brought I Love Lucy back in primetime before, especially around Christmas, this is the first time the episode Lucy And Superman, starring George Reeves as himself (but in his Superman costume) will be aired in color on the network. 

Reeves starred as Superman in Adventures of Superman from 1952 to 1958. With a new Supergirl series premiering on the network later this year, it makes sense that the network would trot out the Superman episode now.

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