ARROW Showrunners Talk About Shocking End To Latest Episode & Look Ahead

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On Wednesday night, CW's Arrow presented it's newest episode, titled "Broken Arrow." And, well, it lived up to its name.

Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Arrow

Wednesday night's episode saw Team Arrow lose a major member as Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal, left town and left the regular cast of Arrow. Deadline reports that this decision was the plan since Colton Haynes first signed onto the show, in what was a two year deal beginning at the onset of season 2.

"We made a two-season deal that had a clock on it, we always knew that," says executive producer Greg Berlanti. "When he was coming off Teen Wolf, we described the role to him, and we agreed to do it for a couple of years. At that particular moment, he had a lot of opportunities to do things, and we’re lucky he chose us. He brought a lot of notoriety and viewership to Arrow when we were growing, and the show wouldn’t be the show it is without him. He is such a talent and such a nice guy, everybody from the crew to the writers were so enthusiastic to have him for the time we had him. We are sad to see him go but excited to see what he does next."

In "Broken Arrow," Arsenal disguised himself as Arrow and was arrested to protect his mentor, Oliver Queen. A shocking death scene for him in prison was revealed to be a fakeout by Harper, who escaped lock-up but decided to leave Starling City -- and Team Arrow -- entirely by the episode's end.

"Roy has struggled with guilt after killing a policeman. In saving Oliver, he sees a chance to absolve himself," Berlanti tells Deadline. "Hopefully it was surprising for the audience as some thought for a moment that he might die."

Series producer Greg Berlanti tells Deadline that this marks the end of Colton Haynes as a regular part of Arrow, but that he does have a guest-starring role in a future episode of Arrow and leaves open the possibility of more in DC's shows on the CW. Both Berlanti and show co-creator Marc Guggenheim said that the idea of killing Harper's character was something they never considered.

"We wanted to do something different," says Berlanti. "These characters are so young, they represent the next generation of superheroes, and we love the idea of having them just out there. And as a person we like Colton so much, we all would love to see him back. Such a talented, great guy."

On Friday morning, the CW posted a trailer for next week's Arrow showing the team attempting to bring one of thier friends back from the dead. Take a look:

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