JOHANSSON Confirms Talks With MARVEL STUDIOS Head About BLACK WIDOW Standalone Movie

Still from 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has already announced their first female-led film with Captain Marvel -- but for some fans they may have some red on the ledger when it comes to their first cinematic heroine, Black Widow. Well now, according to Scarlett Johannson, it might eventually come to be.

In a recent chat with Collider, Johansson revealed that she'd had discussions with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about a Black Widow film franchise, and relays Feige's own interest in it happening.

“I’ve spoken to Kevin about it. I mean, of course, of course we’ve had that conversation before, and I think Kevin would also like to see a standalone film," says Johannson. "I think I can speak for him and say that. That’s all, really. Right now I think this character is used well in this part of the universe, but I think that Kevin—I mean, we’ve talked about it and we both share similar vision for what could be a standalone series."

As for what that "similiar vision" for a Black Widow franchise would be, Johannson talks about it.

“I think that there’s room for a standalone movie. The character has a really rich origin story and I’ve been really fortunate to kind of place all these layers on top of one another and kind of build up this character to this point where I think I can now start to peel them away and reveal different sides of her and really focus on," says Johannson. "I think I’ve been able to grow with the character, the character’s been able to grow with me."

"Her dilemma that she faces it’s a deeply personal one, she has this great, huge, epic kind of calling and now is suddenly going, ‘Wait a minute. I have this epic calling, but I wanna make a choice for myself. I feel like I’ve put in the hours, I should be able to make active choices’ and she inevitably chooses the heroic path and kind of puts her own personal desires and needs aside," the actress continues. "Those are things that kind of butt up against each other and interesting things happen when you have a character that’s pulled in many different directions and in my mind there’s room for plenty more Black Widow and certainly more—I think I could see her in a standalone film.”  

This isn't the first time a Black Widow solo-film has been discussed, but this does put the ball in Marvel's court, with Johansson alluding heavily that it's been discussed. And with star-making turns in both Avengers films, as well as appearances in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: Winter Soldier, the character's fans have continued to grow with every appearance.

Johansson will next appear as Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is set for a May 1 release.

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