UPDATE: GWENOM and GWENDUSA Join GWEN STACY-Centric June Variants From Marvel

Gwen Stacy Variant Covers

In June, Marvel's themed variant covers is based on Gwen Stacy. With the renewed popoularity in the character thanks to Spider-Gwen, Marvel is doing variant covers to 20 different Marvel titles in June.

Today, Marvel released variant covers for Guardians of Knowhere #1 by Rob Guillory, and Inhumans: Attilan Rising #2 by James Stokoe. These go with the previously released variants for Thors #1 by Kris Anka, X-Men '92 #1 by Ryan Stegman, Magneto #19 by Declan Shalvey, and Secret Wars #4 by Chris Samnee, Secret Wars #3 variant by Nick Bradshaw, Old Man Logan #3 variant by Chris Samnee, and Future Imperfect #1 variant by Nick Bradshaw

Look in the future for Gwen-centric variants to:                                                           
·         1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 by John Tyler Christopher
·         Armor Wars #1 by David Lafuente
·         Black Widow #19 by Dan Hipp
·         Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #9 by Jake Wyatt
·         Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 by Chris Bachalo
·         Groot #1 by Giuseppe Camuncoli
·         Howard the Duck #4 by Jason Latour
·         S.H.I.E.L.D. #7 by Robbi Rodriguez
·         Secret Wars 2099 #2 by Jason Latour
·         Squadron Sinister #1 by Greg Smallwood
·         Ultimate End #2 by Chip Zdarsky

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