Marvel Studios' CAPTAIN AMERICA Posters ... Starring a 7 Year-Old

Joseph as Captain America
Credit: Karl Pfeiffer Photography
Credit: Karl Pfeiffer Photography

Who did you want to be when you grow up? One seven year old boy wants to be Captain America, and he actually got his chance.

Photographer Karl Pfeiffer and a young boy named Joseph got together and created an inspiring series of portraits homaging recent Captain America posters from the Avengers and Captain America movies, with Joseph in full costume as Cap himself.

Let's call him "KidCap."

Credit: Karl Pfeiffer Photography

"Joseph's seven and he's a huge fan of the Captain. I mean, huge," says Pfieffer on Imgur. "If it were up to him, he'd wear his Captain costume to school every day. Their family has been through some tough stuff the past few years. Some really tough stuff. And, at seven, being a shameless and awesome kid, there's always bullying to worry about to. But it's Captain America that defines his character, and that helps him get through the tough days by being strong. By ending. So an idea came about. To combine my love for photography and key art with Joseph's love for Captain America."

With Joseph as a model, Pfeiffer took these photographs and digitally manipulated them to work as homages to the various movie posters.

You can see more at Pfeiffer's Facebook page.

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