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Credit: DC Comics

Convergence just might be the result of some "joking around" that happened between Keith Giffen and his co-writers on DC's The New 52: Futures End.

And thanks to that joking around, Giffen's doing even more joke-telling in his two-issue mini-series Convergence: Supergirl Matrix, which features one of DC's more humorous characters, Ambush Bug.

The creator is launching the two-issue Convergence: Supergirl Matrix as a tie-in to DC's two-month Convergence event, in which characters from throughout DC's history are meeting, then fighting or teaming up with each other.

And according to Giffen, the origin of the event came from some reminiscing about old characters during a Futures End brainstorm meeting.

How did that grow into Convergence? And what is Ambush Bug doing with Supergirl Matrix? Newsarama caught up with Giffen and found out more.

Newsarama: Keith, we did an interview back on September about Justice League 3000, and you mentioned that you were doing a comic about a female character. Was this Convergence story about Supergirl the book you were talking about?

Keith Giffen: Yep!

Nrama: And I take it, from the characters involved, that you've got a bit of humor in this one.

Giffen: Yeah, it's a fun story. We had fun working on it.

Nrama: I think it's obvious that it'll be fun — you've got Ambush Bug in there.

Giffen: Yeah. The way this came about is, they were parsing out the heroes. And like usual, I just said to Dan, yeah, whatever's left over, give it to me. So I got the Matrix Supergirl and Lady Quark.

And then I thought, who can I bring in that's really a part of this age that this whole story is supposed to be taking place in, and I thought, Ambush Bug! That's it!

Nrama: This takes place in the '90s, right?

Giffen: Yeah, it's when Supergirl was Matrix — she was a blob of protoplasm from another reality, created by this Lex Luthor with hair.

But you don't have to know the details of that stuff to read my issues, because who or what Supergirl was wasn't as important to me as being able to tell a good story.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: OK, so let's back up again to the genesis of your story idea. But wait, you were around for the genesis of the idea behind Convergence, weren't you, because you were writing The New 52: Futures End?

Giffen: Yeah, Convergence kind of grew out of a meeting with The New 52: Futures End crew, where we were talking about all these great old DC stories that we'll never be able to do anymore because these characters don't exist.

And somebody said, why don't we just do, like, one month where we just say goodbye to the DC universe in style. Because we figured, that's the only thing that was really missing.

The fans never really got a chance to say goodbye to the old DC universe. I mean, The New 52 came along and boom! it was there.

So we joked around about it, and the next thing you knew, it became something.

Nrama: Let's talk about you writing Ambush Bug again. Between this and the JLI characters showing up in Justice League 3001, you seem to be a little nostalgic for some of your old characters lately?

Giffen: I never got to tell the last Ambush Bug story. You know? My Justice League — I'm done with them. I'm playing around with variations on them in Justice League 3001, but Justice League International isn't coming back. It's done. I had my say, and there are no other stories I want to tell.

But with Ambush Bug, there's a last story that wasn't told. The character had one more story left, and now he's wound up in this New 52 news report at the end of the issues.

Nrama: Are you involved with that?

Giffen: No. But I thought, here's a chance to write what is, to me, the last Ambush Bug story — the Ambush Bug from that era.

Nrama: What's it been like working with Timothy Green II?

Giffen: It's been fantastic. His artwork is worth the price of admission alone.

Nrama: So this is one last story for Ambush Bug, one last story for Lady Quark, and one last story for Matrix Supergirl?

Credit: DC Comics

Giffen: Right. It's a farewell to the Matrix Supergirl. And a farewell to Lady Quark.

But it's also, "So long Ambush Bug — you've been good to me, but this is the last story I'm ever going to write with you."

Nrama: Oh, don't say that!! Never say "never," Keith!

Giffen: Well, there's no — I don't think there's any room for him in comics, is there?

Nrama: They're launching a Bat-Mite comic in June! And a Bizarro comic! I mean, he could even show up in the year 3001, couldn't he?

Giffen: He could. He could. OK, I won't say never.

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