Cast-Off: Thor! Who Should Play Thor?

Cast-Off: Thor

Thor is coming.

Well, the movie version of the Marvel God of Thunder, that is.

The film version of Thor is scheduled to hit theaters on July 16th, 2010, a component of Marvel Studios’ build-up of its Avengers franchise which will culminate in 2011’s Avengers film, featuring Captain America, Iron Man and Thor (and most likely more) together in one film.

So far, Thor has a director, Kenneth Branagh (who’s been praised by the likes of Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada and Avengers franchise lead writer Brian Bendis), and a release date, but as of yet, no leading man.

That’s where we come in.

In the spirit of our Cast Offs for Captain America and Wonder Woman, Newsarama is aiming to cast the role of Thor for the upcoming film. This one is much trickier than Cap or Wonder Woman, we figure, as the role of Thor requires (or at least the comics would lead one to believe) a large physical presence. In the past, the size and build issue has lead many fans down the road of wrestlers, but that’s since expanded to other actors with a wink and a nod to special effects helping out. Or – as the casting call for the lead that went out a couple of weeks back puts it:

Male MUST BE MID-LATE 20′S and SIX FEET OR TALLER. LEAD. Physically powerful, very handsome, occasionally egotistical, petulant, and wild. A natural warrior with a quick charming wit who must be genuinely and severely humbled before becoming the compassionate, mature hero of our film.

So who could fit the role? That’s what we’re asking. Filming is set to begin in July, so Marvel is probably weighing some options as you’re reading this. Who’ve you got?

Just looking around, Alexander (True Blood, Generation Kill) Skarsgård seems to have vaulted into the lead position after he was reportedly seen having lunch with Branagh, but that doesn’t rule out other options.

Some others we’ve considered at Newsarama (and yes, we know we’re stretching the casting call’s date a little – but not much. We figure they’d go for someone in their 30s, but probably not their 40’s. Sorry Daniel Craig and Sean Bean):

Kevin McKidd (Rome, Grey's Anatomy)

Karl Urban (Star Trek, Bourne Supremacy)

And of course, the ever-popular “unknown.”

(for those unfamiliar with the actors, the above image is: Thor, Skarsgård, McKidd and Urban (from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

And let’s not forget the veterans who’ve played the role previously:

Eric Allan Kramer – He played Thor in the ‘80s Incredible Hulk tv movie

Vincent D'Onofrio – the star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, he played “Thor” in the classic Adventures In Babysitting. Respect.

So – and please don’t think we’re limiting choices to those listed above – who’s your choice for Thor? Post who you’d like to see swinging the hammer, and we’ll count ‘em up and bring back the top three for a final vote later this week.

And why stop with Thor? Over at Blog@, we're looking for ideas to round out the population of Asgard, so go on over and throw your ideas in as well.

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