SUPERNATURAL Creator Develops New Fall Vertigo Series & TV Adaptation

Art from 'Amped'
Credit: DC/Vertigo

What comes first, the comic or the television show? In this case, both.

Variety reports that Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has a miniseries in the works at DC/Vertigo called Amped that is already in development as a live-action television series with USA Network. Reports indicate that the Amped six-issue comic series will debut in fall 2015 and be illustrated by John Higgins, with Brian Bolland doing covers. Amped is said to follow a "neurotic family man" who takes a fad over-the-counter energy medicine and is surprised when he received super-powers. Variety says Amped explore the "mighty highs and humiliating lows" of being a super hero in real life.

“Eric has such a clever, irreverent cadence which makes him a natural writer for the Vertigo line,” Executive Editor Shelly Bond is quoted as saying. “Amped promises to be as addictive as its title substance.”

Although best known for Supernatural, Kripke has done work in comics before. He co-wrote DC's comics adaptation of Supernatural in 2008 and 2009, and in 2011 he developed a concept for a Deadman television series at the CW that was never picked up.

“Pretty much everything I’ve ever written has been insanely influenced by Vertigo, so it’s a dream come true to write my first comic there,” said Kripke. “Amped is a project I’m foaming-at-the-mouth passionate about– and it’s also the most personal, warts-and-all story I’ve ever told. So I’m having the time of my life writing the comic– and basing the TV series off the comic, too. I can’t wait for readers to read it– and then down the road, for watchers to watch it.”

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