WC 2015: FLASH Actors & Writer Teases 'All Star Team-Up,' WALLY WEST & Upcoming Team Show

Still from 'The Flash,' episode 'All-Star Team-Up'
Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Saturday at WonderCon, the cast and crew of the CW's The Flash hit the stage for an advertised panel promising a video presentation and fan Q&A.

First to the stage is Ben Brown from WB Publicity. He does a quick warm-up of the crowd and introduces the sizzle reel for the last part of The Flash season one. It looks like Arrow and Atom will be in returning to the show. Eddie shoots two cops. Gorilla Grood makes an appearance. Caitlin and Barry kiss. The reel ends to thunderous applause.

Damian Holbrook returns to the stage and he is just a pumped as the audience after seeing those clips. He first introduces Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), Candice Patton (Iris West), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), and lastly Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg. Holbrook points out how it’s the CWs top rated series and everyone cheers. Kreisberg laments that Jesse L. Martin is supposed to be here but he became very ill. Someone from the audience yells “Where is Grant [Gustin]?!” and the panel laughs. Kreisberg explains that he is busy filming.

Holbrook asks if the way the series is going if all the moments in the sizzle reel is what Kreisberg intended when mapping out the first season. Kreisberg says that they are big fans of the comics and they intended to get here. “There was so much in the pilot for people to see” he says. He explains that all the stuff in the pilot pays off."

Holbrook references the reel again and asks how much work was it in going back to Arrow cast and setting. Panabaker says that it’s fun to see the contrast. Valdes says its fun to play around with other actors like Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer). Patton says she has a lot of fun when Felicity is on the show and that the fans of the show are fans of both Arrow and The Flash. Kreisberg adds that what brings the two shows together is episode eighteen because the Atom has trouble with the his suit and goes to Cisco for help. At this point, Barry has found out that Wells is the Reverse Flash as well.

“Barry and Felicity have a very special relationship and Felicity knows that Barry is struggling,” he says of the coming crossover. Holbrook asks if Felicity has advice for Barry. Andrew says she has an interesting observation about the kind of man she is interested in.

Holbrook talks about the Cisco and Black Canary preview from the most recent episode. Holbrook asks if the audience will see something between Cisco and Laurel. Kreisberg says likes writing the interaction between the two characters. He explains that Cisco represents the audience and that Laurel needs help with the new Canary Cry.

“Cisco builds one that works more like the one on the comic” he adds.

Valdes jokes about the gold gun that Cisco made in one afternoon. Kreisberg says Laurels pay back to Cisco is his favorite thing in the series and the whole audience woos.

“We will see Cisco’s work shop and all the stuff he has and will build,” adds Kreisberg.

Credit: The CW

Holbrook has a question from Twitter. The question is for Candice Patton that since Iris doesn’t know Barry’s secret does she take it personally. “We want her to find out on her own accord” she replies. She quips that people on Twitter want Iris to “read [Barry and Joe] to filth” and the panel laughs with her. Kreisberg says that Twitter thinks the writers are being rude to Iris and all of the writers agree.

“Iris’s response is less excitement and more about how could the three of them lie to her,” he adds. “They are wrong and I think when it comes out it will be great.”

Holbrook follows up by asking Patton what is it about the Flash that Iris likes instead of Barry? Patton says that there is no difference, it’s just the Flash is more confident. “Everything she likes about the Flash she likes about Barry.”

Holbrook then points the questioning at Panabaker and asks that since Caitlin Snow has no dark side, where Caitlin’s weakness will be. Panabaker says she is excited about the prospect of Killer Frost. “You’re going to see her sooner than you think.”

There is another question from Twitter about the wedding footage that was shot for Ronnie and Caitlin. Panabaker points out that it was filmed on April Fool’s Day and the panel laughs knowingly.

”Weddings don’t always go off without a hitch,” says Panabaker.

“There is footage of a wedding,” confirms Kreisberg.

Holbrook asks about Vibe next. Valdes just has says a flat “no” to the question. Valdes says

“I get the scripts and I read them and I go through them like candy. I prefer to be in the moment of each episode.”

He adds, “I can’t say there is anything in the future but who doesn’t want to wear a super suit?”

Holbrook asks if we will see Cisco and Iris interact. Valdes says that the actors get along in real life and they want scenes together. “That would be dope,” says Valdes.

Credit: The CW

Holbrook asks if there will there be flashbacks for Eddie and Iris and how they came to be? Andrew says episode twenty has flashbacks to when Barry was in a coma.

“It’s fun and interesting to see everyone from back then and the origins of how Barry got to STAR labs,” says Kreisberg.

Holbrook follows up and asks if they help the audience feel more sympathetic towards Eddie.

“I am always sympathetic towards Eddie,” says Kreisberg. “He is the most emotionally stable person of anyone else on the show. Eddie thinks the secret is not cool. Eddie is the one calling them out. Eddie struggles to keep the secret from Iris” he says in defense of the character.

Holbrook then asks how much of the Reverse Flash storylines are from the comics. Kreisberg says some is dead-on and some of it is their invention. He says that when Geoff Johns reads the script he someone says ‘I think I wrote that in the comic.’

“It’s all designed for the people who are not familiar with the comic” says Kreisberg.

Holbrook asks when did the writers let Tom Cavanaugh know about the twist for his character. “Tom just clapped his hands when he heard the twist. He loves twisting things for the audience. We pitched him stuff for the future that he was really excited about,” says Kreisberg. “Tom had to create a different Wells than we have seen on screen and it was a fun opportunity for him."

Someone from Twitter ask if Caitlin is holding out for Barry.

“I don’t know that she is holding out for Barry but I don’t think she would turn him away,” she replies with a smile. Patton says Iris can’t claim Barry so he is fair game for Caitlin.

Credit: The CW

Jokingly, Holbrook asks Valdes how did he cut the deal to get all the great punch lines for Cisco. Andrew says that Carlos Valdes was the only person they brought in for Cisco and he totally got the show.

“Everyone else is getting jealous of Carlos’ punchlines. Carlos can’t be out Carlos’ed,” he quips.

On the topic of bloopers, Holbrook asks who starts the bloopers. Everyone unanimously says it’s Grant Gustin. The actors go on about how Gustin is constantly tap-dancing off the camera. Valdes talks about how Gustin started teaching him to do it but he went way too fast. The audience cheers to get Valdes to tap dance and he jokes that it’s another panel later.

Holbrook asks what it was like when Valdes read that Wells kills Cisco.

“Awesome” is all he replies.

“This show just keeps getting better” says Valdes.

“I was just hoping it wasn’t s passive aggressive firing. It was all Greg [Berlanti]’s idea," says Kreisberg. “Carlos and Tom did so much in that scene. They elevate the material beyond anything we expect.”

Grinning, Holbrook asks about the new spin off series. Kreisberg says there have been casting announcements for Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter. “It will be crossovers every week. Gonzo!” says Kreisberg. “This show will just be insanity and off the rails. Next year on The Flash and Arrow we will be setting that new series up. The characters will be migrating between all the shows. There is an Arrow crossover on The Flash and it’s so great.”

Kreisberg says that Panabaker and Emily Bett Rickards will be getting more scenes together too.

“Caitlin and Felicity IM each other all the time” jokes Panabaker.

Speaking on the crossover that took place midseason, Holbrook ask if the cast get PTSD when there is a crossover to film. Panabaker talks about the difficulty of scheduling but “The payoff was worth it.” Patton said she wants to do a scene with David Ramsey without missing a beat. Panabaker says she wants to with Paul Blackthorne and Caity Lotz. Carlos, with a sly grin, says he has worked with them all before.

Credit: The CW

Holbrook mentions how so much of the show is special effects and asks how the cast have to deal with that aspect of filming. Panabaker says it takes a lot of imagination. “It’s all a collaboration. I can’t tell you how many times we have been staring at a wall pretending that it’s a huge monster” she adds.

“I didn’t learn that in acting school” quips Patton.

The Rogues come up and Holbrook asks who might be on the short list for season too. “Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy” says Kreisberg. “And one more that people will lose their mind over,” he finishes.

Holbrook asks if there is there any part that the actors have built into the performance of their character. Valdes says that Cisco is a nerd but he is a very passionate and sensitive individual. Patton says that it’s hard not to do that.

“There was so much pressure and [Geoff] Johns says you are doing everything right. I think I am more like Iris than I would like to admit”. Panabaker says that she loves seeing Caitlin infused with so much warmth.

The Q&A session starts and someone from the audience asks how does Kreisberg balance his time between the two shows. “It’s not just us. We have incredible writing staffs on both shows. We divide and conquer so we aren’t doing the same things. Truthfully, I don’t know how we do it,” he answers.

Holbrook says he heard that Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) asked for a role on any of the shows. Andrew tells the story about how he would talk to her on the phone about Buffy and then she became Anya. “Don’t worry, she will be on the show” he says.

Credit: The CW

Another audience member asks if the panel could have a crossover with CW shows which would it be and why. Panabaker says iZombie and everyone cheers. Patton says Supernatural and everyone cheers again. Valdes pauses and then ironically says Vampire Diaries. Andrew gets in on the joke and says he would want to see Who’s Line Is It Anyways.

A group of people dressed like Power Rangers come up to the mic and ask Kreisberg why, in Arrow, there is a different pronunciations for Ra’s al Ghul. Kreisberg, cutting them to the quick, that “If you are in the League of Assassins, you call him Raysh and if you are not in the League then you call him Roz”. He explains that they did it to be different from Christopher Nolan Batman films.

A cosplayer dressed as Black Widow asks Kreisberg if there will be legacy characters like Wally West on the show.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw Wally West on the show.” he replies. “DC and Johns have opened everything up to us so nothing is off limits.”

Holbrook remarks on the open DC Comics vaults and asks if the writers' challenge to find the most obscure things in Flash history.

“It starts with what the characters are going through this week. Once we figure out the paces then it’s a question of placing DC elements in” answers Kreisberg.

A little girl walks up to the mic and asks if there ever going to be a kid that gets powers on the show. Smitten, Kreisberg says “We talked about a story where there was a kid that was effected [by powers] and how they dealt with it.”

An audience members asks Candice Patton where is Iris on her feelings for Barry? Patton says she is aware that the feelings exist but she is not ready to deal with it.

“Eddie is a good guy… as far as we know. Her relationship with Eddie has to end first.”

She says she knows Barry has been different.

“Iris takes Barry at his word” she says.

A kid dressed as the Flash asks what Cisco talking about in the trailer when the character gets excited. Valdes is stunned into silence by how sharp the question is. “That is the best question ever.” Andrew says that the events of episode fifteen are not erased.

A cosplayer doing a nail-grating Harley Quinn impression asks if there will there be more of the Trickster on the show. Kreisberg answers that, yes, there will be more of both versions in The Flash.

Credit: The CW

Another audience member asks if there will there be a dark, twisted, version of reality with Barry messing with time. Kreisberg says that, hopefully, the audience will see more in years to come. “We are going to do everything in season two. Everything.” jokes Valdes.

Holbrook asks about the panel’s favorite performances from the show so far. Panabaker says he loved Valdes'death scene. Valdes says he loves an upcoming scene with Jesse L. Martin and Candice Patton.” It’s really heartbreaking” he comments. Patton loves Panabaker’s interactions with Robbie Amell as Firestorm. “It gets me every time.”

Someone asks what some of the more memorable moments are from season one. Panabaker loves the table reads she says. “I took a picture when Mark Hamil came in.”

Valdes said he loved teaching Grant Gustin how to play Uno. He goes on to say it was beginner’s luck that he won the first time.

Patton says it was when the pilot was airing and Twitter was blowing up.

“I am a part of something really special” she says. “I will always be known as a version of Iris West.”

Some dressed like Link from Legend of Zelda asks what the challenges of shooting the show are. Valdes says the cold was hard to deal with in the Firestorm episodes. “It was minus five degrees when [Robbie Amell] was in the crater.” Kreisberg talks about how Amell was suppose to be naked but it was too cold. “Do you want him naked or alive?” someone on set asked him regarding the cold.

Holbrook asks if the panel could sum up their characters arc for the end of season one word. Valdes starts and says “dreams.” Patton, nervously joking, says “I don’t want to get fired. I guess ‘pissed’.” Panabaker, with a sly smile, says “frosty.” Kreisberg ends the panel by simply saying “tears.”

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