WONDERCON Moving to Los Angeles for 2016

Credit: Comic Con International

A big southern California comic book convention is moving to Los Angeles. No, it's not Comic-Con International: San Diego, but close.

Deadline is reporting that the Anaheim-based WonderCon is moving to Los Angeles in 2016. WonderCon cited the impending construction on the Anaheim Convention Center as the reasoning behind their move to Los Angeles in 2016, as the construction would prevent them from hosting it in Anaheim that year. According to Nerdist, WonderCon only signed a one-year contract for WonderCon in Los Angeles, leaving open the future of the convention in 2017 and beyond.

Of course, moving to L.A. isn't the biggest move that WonderCon has made, having started in Oakland, California, before moving to San Francisco in 2003, and making the jump to Anaheim back in 2012. But the ramifications could be farther reaching than WonderCon taking a brief sojourn in the city of angels.

Deadline's report also states that WonderCon will bring in around $32 million to Los Angeles's economy, with L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti saying, “Los Angeles is honored to have been selected as the destination for WonderCon 2016. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with Comic-Con International, the presenter, and helping them establish a home-base in L.A. We anticipate the show to be highly attended and to set the precedent for future successful Comic-Con events in L.A.”

Remember, WonderCon is owned by Comic-Con International, the company that hosts a namesake convention in San Diego. Back in January, Newsarama reported on a story in the Los Angeles Times stating that Anaheim and Los Angeles had been in talks to host Comic-Con International: San Diego after that convention's contract ends in 2016. As reported by the LA Times, the biggest detriment to such a proposal is the lack of hotel rooms close to the Los Angeles Convention Center - around 7,000 as compared to San Diego's 11,000. The Los Angeles Convention Center, which will be the home of WonderCon in 2016, is also the home of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3.

But with only 60,000 attendees as opposed to San Diego's 130,000 plus attendance rate, WonderCon Los Angeles may be the perfect test run for a move by SDCC to Los Angeles in 2017. If nothing else, it groups negotiations together so that Comic-Con is negotiating 2017 dates for both SDCC and WonderCon simultaneously. 

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