GOTHAM Teases Upcoming Villains Including MR. FREEZE, CLAYFACE and COURT OF OWLS

Still from 'Gotham'
Credit: Fox

At WonderCon's Gotham panel this past weekend, many teases for season 2 - and the end of season 1 - were afoot. Chief among those were classic Batman villains that could appear in the second season, ranging from "definite" to "possible" and down the line to "discussed." According to Variety's Laura Prudom, Gotham's producers confirmed that Mister Freeze would appear in the second season, along with versions of Clayface, Hugo Strange, Tommy Elliott, and the Mad Hatter at some point.

Regarding the most-talked about villain the Joker, Gotham's producers said that the "Jerome" character who had been teased earlier as possibly being a young Joker would be returning to the series. In addition to that, Edward Nygma's transformation into the Riddler will also be coming later this year.

WonderCon attendees also were able to see seven minutes of footage from an upcoming episode of Gotham with Fish Mooney attempting a prison break, thwarted by the Catcher. The footage also set up the case of a serial killer dubbed "the Ogre," who Gordon will be tracking through the first season's final arc. The Ogre is being played by Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia.

Finally, Fox also announced that they had come close to adding the Court of Owls to the second season according to Prudom at Variety, but "haven't yet committed" to bringing the fan-favorite villains into the second season.

Gotham returns to air Monday, April 13 with the episode "Beasts of Prey."

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