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Moore & Reppion Talk Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes #1

Newsarama has been telling you about Dynamite’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes series, written by Leah Moore and John Reppion with art by Aaron Campbell. We’ve spoken with Moore and Reppion about their take on the new stories they’ll be telling starring the world’s most famous detective, and today, we chat with Dynamite President Nick Barrucci about the new series and bringing Sherlock Holmes back to comics.

Newsarama: Nick, Dynamite has become known as the home for classic heroes such as the The Lone Ranger, Red Sonja, Zorro, The Man With No Name, The Phantom and Buck Rogers coming up. Now, with The Complete Dracula and Sherlock Holmes, you're moving into literary adaptations. What is behind this move?

Nick Barrucci: Both are great characters and two of the most recognizable ones in the world. With Dracula we saw an opportunity to complete the story. With Sherlock Holmes, it was a chance to revisit an archetype of modern superheroes, specifically the detective hero. We are always looking for interesting properties to work on and this time it took us to these great characters.

NRAMA: Why make Sherlock Holmes the second of these literary outings, after Dracula?

NB: It wasn’t planned that one series would follow the other, it just turned out that way. Dracula was moving along and Sherlock Holmes was far enough along that we felt we could announce it.

NRAMA: You're adapting Bram Stoker's originalDracula novel (with additions) for The Complete Dracula, but here, you're telling new stories. Why the difference? Why not adapt the full, or at least the better known Holmes stories here?

NB: Leah, John and Aaron have a take on Sherlock that can only be told though new stories. It draws on the previous ones but is refreshing and exciting.

NRAMA: What led you to Leah and John for this project?

NB: Leah and John were well into The Complete Dracula when we approached them about Sherlock Holmes. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for the character convinced us that they could bring something new to Sherlock. And they’re proving us right, looking at the pages. It's quite elementary.

NRAMA: Same question, but for Aaron Campbell?

NB:We were actually talking to Aaron about another project and realized his style would be much better suited for Sherlock Holmes. It's really exciting to have Aaron on board; he is really doing a phenomenal job.

NRAMA: Obviously, it's a good time for Holmes fans, as Robert Downey Jr. is starring in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. Are you looking to piggyback on the film's buzz a little, at least?

issue #1, page 1

NB: Sherlock Holmes has seen many interpretations over the years. And from what I've seen, it looks like it has huge potential. If an upcoming film hits at the right time (and we know that some films get moved around, so you can't bank on it) and helps bring more attention to the character and specifically our series then I’ll take it. Our goal is to tell a great story featuring one of the greatest characters in literary history.

NRAMA: What are your larger plans for Sherlock Holmes at Dynamite? More miniseries with John & Leah after The Trial?

NB: Right now, the focus is on getting this one out to the fans - it's a great story. If the response is positive we’d tell more.

NRAMA: Finally - you have the rights to The Lone Ranger, Zorro, The Phantom, Red Sonja Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Buck Rogers and a few others here and there - making up a pretty impressive, and "pulpy" universe. Can we just say two words...cross over?

NB: Let's see how we do on this one story. I've never shied away from cross-overs but I think we’ll look at that further down the line.

Sherlock Holmes #1 is due in stores in May 

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