ECCC 2015: MARVEL: Next Big Thing

Credit: Marvel

Welcome to ECCC 2015's Marvel: Next Big Thing panel.

Marvel Executive Editor and moderator Mike Marts kicked off the panel by welcoming panelists C.B. Cebulski, Kieron Gillen, Terry Dodson, Robbi Rodriguez, and Stacey Lee to the dais. 

The panel will be mostly fan Q&A, according to Marts. "If no one has any questions, I'm very happy to sit and stare at you," quipped Gillen.

A fan asked if anyone had a favorite alternate Spider-Man. 

"Spider-Ham," said Rodriguez. "I did drop Nick Lowe a line about doing Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars," Gillen joked.

A fan asked Gillen about Angela's relationship with Sara, asking what existed previously in the character that made him want to orient her in that direction.

"The different parts of the character came from different people, I came up with the character, Marguerite Bennett pushed for her sexuality, and Phil Jimenez pushed for her ethnicity. Emotion doesn't really come easy to Angela, so we wanted to challenge that."

A fan asked about a possible crossover between Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy.

"So Terry's working on a secret project..." joked Marts, before clarifying that the plan is to keep the two universes separate for the time being.

A fan thanked Gillen for representing homosexual characters in Young Avengers before asking about Marvel's plans to continue prioritizing diversity after Secret Wars, asking if the representation would continue after Secret Wars.

Cebulski reaffirmed Marvel's commitment to bringing characters that reflect the diversity of fans and creators. "You won't see changes in diversity. If anything, you'll see more diversity."

A fan asked what happened to Marvel's announced Gamora series, which Marts confirmed has been pushed until after Secret Wars.

Dodson confirmed he'll be returning to his creator-owned Red One after his run on Princess Leia.

Gillen confirmed he has a Secret Wars book that hasn't been announced yet.

A fan asked about breaking up super-couples like Kitty Pryde and Colossus, and Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Marts said that Black Vortex grew out of exploring Kitty and Star-Lord's relationship, and that they'd have a big moment at the end of that crossover.

Next, a fan asked whether there were any plans for introducing more diversity into the Star Wars universe, which Cebulski said fell under the purview of Lucasfilm.

A fan asked whether there were any villains left that Gillen wanted to write. Gillen said that two of them would be in his unannounced "Secret Wars" project.

Up next, a fan asked whether Silk or Spider-Gwen would get more cosmic in the future. "We're thinking about it," said Rodriguez, elaborating that any such plans would be long-term, after Secret Wars.

A fan asked whether anyone had a character they really liked that needed a push. "Cloak & Dagger," said Cebulski. "Jack of Hearts, cause he's really hard to draw," said Gillen, "and I love challenging artists with that."

That's it for Marvel's Next Big Thing panel.

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