ECCC 2015: DC ENTERTAINMENT All Access: Weeklies Converge

DC's All Access: Weeklies Converge
Credit: DC Comics

Moderator Hank Kanalz kicked off DC's All Access: Weeklies Converge panel by introducing panelists James Tynion IV, Dan Jurgens, Marguerite Bennett, Stuart Moore and Jeff King. 

Kanalz then showed a video trailer for Convergence, featuring Dan DiDio explaining Convergence's multiversal plot, where worlds that were destroyed in previous Crisis events come together in a single world, brought together by Brainiac.

Convergence #0 goes on sale April 1. 

"Convergence #0 kind of transitions out of Future's End. Next week, Future's End #48 goes on sale next week along with Convergence, and I think that's a really nice bookend," said Jurgens. "There are three double page spreads, and if you manage to get three copies of it, they all line up into a monster six-page spread that Ethan Van Sciver just killed."

Credit: DC Comics

King spoke on the challenges of bringing disparate characters and worlds together. "To me, the challenge was balancing the epic and the intimate, and I think we did that. Dan kind of teased a big finish to Convergence in that video, and it certainly explains a lot about Multiversity, and why there's that question mark on the map of the multiverse."

Credit: DC Comics

"Brian Azzarello framed it really well when he said 'You're like a four year old kid in your bathtub with all your action figures, and there's no rhyme or reason when you put them together,' so you get Earth 2 Batman, and Aquaman, and that's kind of what we're doing with Convergence."

Credit: DC Comics

Moore discussed Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, which draws on the 1980's Legion. "It's really a story about a war between two futures. We're seeing Superboy at a point where we've never really seen him before, where he's just about to become Superman, and he's now stuck in this situation where he's not sure he's going to make it through to be the hero he knows he's destined to be."

Issue #1 will be drawn by Moore's partner on Image's Egos, Gus Storms, and issue #2 will feature art by Peter Gross. Mark Farmer inks both issues.

Attention then moved to Tynion, who discussed Batman Eternal. "We've only got one issue left, and it's all building to this one giant moment. Taking on a weekly comic series I thought would be one of the most difficult experiences of my life, but working with so many talented writers and creators really made it a great experience. It was a room with no ego. We tried to make it really exciting, and I think we did a damn good job."

Credit: DC Comics

"One fun thing in issue #52, we have two artists as part of the writing team, Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley, who each get to do a couple pages in the finale. I offered to do it, but they would just be weird little stick figures," quipped Tynion.

"I developed the initial idea for the story, but Scott Snyder served as the Godfather of the whole thing. He kept us on track when we were going slightly off the rails."

"The thing we challenged ourselves with at the very beginning was to set up all these pieces of Gotham that would set the stage for the next generation of Batman stories which you've never read. And that, combined with 'Endgame,' really sets up what we've got coming in June. You guys think it's crazy seeing those pictures, but you don't even know."

"The plan with all our weeklies is to show that they lead somewhere, and have an importance with our overall universe," said Kanalz, "and I think you guys all accomplished that."

Kanalz then passed the baton to Jurgens to discuss Future's End. "We started with Batman Beyond in the future, but we kind of moved into introducing a wildly different Brainiac that shows that there's one Brainiac who's behind the appearance of every Brainiac in every other time period."

Credit: DC Comics

Bennett spoke on World's End. "We've put these characters through a crucible, and really stripped away to find the core of the characters. We're witnessing the birth and death of a world in Earth 2."

"It was really fun and sort of surreal. It forces you to get in every character's head very sincerely, and find that one thing that, as the world is destroyed around them, remains that center core, that philosophy that drives them."

"It's rare that you tell a story where you don't win," said King.

"Yeah, but we knew that's what we had to do, that there was no other way it could end."

Time for audience Q&A.

A fan asked which stories each writer worked on the most in the weeklies.

"I did a lot of work on the spine of the story," said Tynion. "I wrote a lot of climaxes and turning points in the story. The characters I have a special affection for are the teen characters, Harper and Stephanie in particular."

Said Bennett, "It was my job to make sure that each character had an arc with emotional resonance. The relationships I was really proudest of were the relationship between Power Girl and Huntress, and Batman and Huntress."

Credit: DC Comics

Next, a fan asked about Convergence's accessibility to new readers who aren't familiar with the pre-New 52 DC Universe.

"I had pretty limited experience with DC before coming to Convergence," said King. "As part of coming to write it, I really dove into the history." King went on to describe a series of comics fans could seek out to get an idea of DC's history, including Flash of Two Worlds, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and many others. "The thing that you absolutely have to read is Multiversity."

"The mandate on the individual tie-ins was to tell a self-contained story," said Moore. "While my story is full of easter eggs for old Legion fans, it's still very much meant to be accessible to anyone who wants to pick up and read."

"Conceptually, not to overthink it, what it relies on is that both canon and continuity are available to us as writers moving forward," said King.

"It starts with the current DC Universe, and kind of grows out from there," said Jurgens.

Next, a fan asked about the process of introducing Spoiler into the New 52.

"Stephanie Brown is a character that I grew up with," said Tynion. "That era of Batman is so much my era. Being able to bring her back to the forefront was just an incredible opportunity. Next to Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, she is probably the most important character in Batman Eternal #52."

At this point, Gail Simone joined the panel to discuss Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle. "Dan DiDio is a tricky bastard," said Simone. "I thought I was done writing Oracle forever. Then I got an e-mail from Dan one day that said, 'Hey, Gail, what about Oracle?' and that was it. He offered me the opportunity to tell the Nightwing/Oracle story I've always wanted to tell."

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