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Evoking imagery from Silver Age super science to notes from the pulp magazines, Scott Kolins is making his solo series debut with Adam.3. Announced at Emerald City Comic Con’s Dark Horse Builds Characters panel, Kolins is ready to take all the creative reins and doing a one-man show providing the script, art, both illustrative and coloring.

Newsarama spoke to Kolins about the project and the feel he’s trying to create with it, the visuals he wanted to do, and what it’s like being in control of everything creatively on the project.

Newsarama: So, Scott, you just announced Adam.3 over at Dark Horse, tell us a little bit about it. He almost has a Kamandi look and feel to it.

Scott Kolins: It’s funny, everyone has a different comment like that. I love Kirby’s Kamandi – so that’s cool. Adam.3 is a sci-fi jungle action comic book created, written, drawn, and colored by me, premiering this August. Over twelve years in the making, it mixes the sci-fi of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four and John Carpenter’s The Thing in a primordial Burroughs-ish landscape with a pinch of The Herculoids zeal. This is my first solo creation – and a dream come true. I’ve also heard  people say it’s a mix of Tarzan and Flash Gordon. For me – it’s heroes versus monsters!

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Nrama: You're handling both writing and the artistic duties here, why did you feel like this had to be a one-man show?

Kolins: Yes. This book is very personal. I’ve been developing this book forever. Plus I was raised on the greats that made comic book like this. Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Frank Miller, George Perez, Barry Windsor Smith and Mike Mignola to name a few. And I’ve had more than a year of training and experience doing all of this already – the only trick was coloring as well. That’s been the bigger challenge. I am never satisfied.

Nrama: Did you ever feel like it the process for doing everything was too daunting?

Kolins: At times, but I really like the challenge. It took years for the story to really coalesce, though I’m still being surprised every other week with more ideas and ways to strengthen the structure. And I’m still finding my footing with the colors. Issue two colors are already way better than issue one. The big thing is having the time to think and rethink and rethink the ending to make it supercool. Time has definitely been my friend here.

Nrama: What was your aesthetic approach when designing these characters and world?

Kolins: Like Past Always, I try not to do what’s been done before. I have my influences, and some might seem more obvious here than any of my other books, but still it would be a disservice to me, the book and those influences to just play out the same old game. Like my drawing style which is hopefully its own thing – Adam.3 is a mix of everything and nothing. Like my favorite comics – it mixes all genres and covers any ground available to tell good stories. Adam.3 has cute animals and frothing nightmarish monsters.Adam.3 has romance, family and murder! Remember Raiders of the Lost Ark? Perfect example. It was mostly great simple action-adventure, but it had cliffhanger fun, moody drama, nasty villains, goofy humor, smoky romance and even some ghosts! That’s what I’m shooting for.

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Nrama: You've been working in comics for years, why now to pursue your own solo series? Why did you feel like it was a good time?

Kolins: It’s something I always wanted to do. I starting seriously putting Adam.3 together over ten years ago – but then got too busy with Flash, Avengers and lots of other fun stuff. Now that I had my chance on those books – the time feels right to try this. I feel so ready.

Nrama: You taught yourself how to color, which rounds you out as a writer, penciler, inker, and now colorist, what was the palette you wanted to go for with Adam.3?

Kolins: Bright colors. Old school is my default with maybe a painterly feel? It’s a lot of work, I know that. Anything but boring, is what I’m going for.

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Nrama: What is the “.3” in the Adam.3 signify or is that giving too much away?

Kolins: It means a bunch of things – to the story and to the book. Ultimately, it’s a way to separate my book from anything anyone else has done and it speaks to the tone of the book. It’s not just about some guy named Adam. There’s a big story leading up to this and there’s tons more after this series – that I will hopefully get to – if the readers want it. I start in one place and get this story going – but it can go global and parts of the story actually reach out through the galaxy and beyond!

Nrama: Aside from Adam, who do we meet in the first issue? Tell us a bit about who is on this adventure with Adam.

Kolins: You meet his family – and their troubles. Everything is not cool in paradise. Tensions are a bit high. You also meet Adam’s animal friends, all living on an island. It’s an interesting bunch. Then we get to the monsters!

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Nrama: Do you feel as though you could do another solo series after Adam.3, or would you prefer to be part of a creative team?

Kolins: Oh I’d love to do more. Working with other creators is great – and definitely easier. I’m totally having a great time on Past Always with Matt Kindt and see that book going on for years – but Adam.3 is a dream of mine. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity – and hope it gets a good response!

Nrama: What can readers expect from Adam.3 in the long run?

Kolins: Hopefully something worth their hard earned money. Something worth their time. Worth reading and enjoying many times over. My Flash stuff is still in print – and some other stuff as well. I try to make comics that can be enjoyed today, tomorrow and hopefully past that. I read and reread my favorite books dozens of times.

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