All 40 WHO'S WHO Character Profiles For DC's CONVERGENCE

Convergence Character Profiles

DC's Convergence kicked off this week with Convergence #0, but even DC knows that not everyone can be expected to be up to speed on the 40 new series it's launching as part of this summer event. Newsarama now has a complete collection of the 40 Who's Who profiles the publisher will be including in the back of all of the Convergence tie-in books launching later this month. Think of these as a guide to both the series' characters and the cities each book tales place in.

We've collected all of the profile pages that have debuted at various venues, including Hawkman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, the Justice League of America, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing. Batgirlthe Speed Force, Harley Quinn, the Justice League, Nightwing/Oracle, the Question, Batman and Robin, the Titans, the Atom, Superman, Aquaman, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Catwoman, Green Lantern/Parallax, Justice League International, Superman: Man of Steel, Superboy, the Suicide Squad, Adventures of Superman, Batman and the Outsiders, the Flash, the Green Lantern Corps, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, the New Teen Titans, Action Comics, the Crime Syndicate, Detective Comics, Infinity, Inc., the Justice Society of America, Shazam, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters, and World's Finest.

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