Still from 'Convergence' video
Credit: DC Comics

Like their now-cross country rival, DC Comics is officially in full promotional mode for their spring event - in their case Convergence.

The publisher just released a video narrated by co-publisher Dan DiDio "reflecting on some of the seminal events in DC Comics history. Dan gives viewers an overview of the Convergence storyline, its influence on the future of storytelling in DC Comics and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities it will create to not only bring iconic eras together, but also unique character and talent pairings."

"This epic nine-part weekly series and accompanying 40 two-part monthly titles will tear apart the very fabric of the DC Multiverse and examine the true nature of what it is to be a hero, with ramifications that will shape the future of its most iconic heroes and their stories," says DC.

Check the video out for yourself:

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