WARREN ELLIS Reveals Work On New MARVEL Project

Warren Ellis
Credit: Ellen J. Rodgers

Thursday morning Marvel unveiled the details on two of its new series coming post-Secret Wars, and now we have some slight news on a possible third.

On his Tumblr page, Warren Ellis revealed that he has started working on a new project for Marvel but was coy about any details. The revelation came after a fan asked about him taking over the Daredevil book at some point, leading the English writer to elaborate on his working relationship with Marvel.

"I only select my Marvel projects from the properties Marvel offer me, so I don’t really waste brain cycles thinking about what I’d like to do there," Ellis says. "They come to me when they want me to work with them, and they make me offers from their available properties. (I’ve already selected and begun my Marvel project for this year, by the way.)"

Marvel declined when asked for comment.

Regarding the possibility of Ellis writing Daredevil, while not giving a "no" the writer did say he hadn't read the title in years and his take on the character would "probably" not be of interest to Marvel.

In recent years, Ellis' work for Marvel has generally been to refashion languishing characters such as his recent work on Moon Knight, Secret Avengers and Thunderbolts. His revamp of Marvel's Iron Man in a 2005 relaunch with Adi Granov proved to be the thematic inspiration for Marvel Studios' Iron Man and elements of the plot were used in Iron Man 3.

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