BATMAN ETERNAL Mastermind Reveal Gets New Twist - SPOILERS

Batman Eternal #51
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

[Spoilers for Batman Eternal #51]

Cluemaster might have believed he was the mastermind behind the events of the weekly Batman Eternal – and he appears to have put most of the comic's events into motion — but the writers weren't quite finished with the story as this week's #51 concluded.

There's another, bigger villain in the mix.

After Cluemaster found out Batman is actually Bruce Wayne — and after some lengthy monologuing and explaining by the B-level villain — Arthur Brown was ready to shoot Batman.

But a figure emerged and sliced Cluemaster's throat. "No… not according to plan," Cluemaster said as he held his neck.

"Your plan, maybe," a voice said.

The final page revealed Lincoln March — the villain behind Batman's "Court of Owls" storyline who claims he's actually Thomas Wayne Jr. — wearing his Court of Owls armor.

"But I've always had a plan of my own," the villain says as the issue ends, still holding the bloody knife with which he just sliced Cluemaster's throat.

Credit: DC Comics

Smiling down at a fallen Bruce Wayne and holding out his hand, the villain says, "Hello, brother. Are you ready to end this?"

As Newsarama reported last week, the revelation that Cluemaster orchestrated all the events of Batman Eternal was surprising to most fans. There have been many clues that indicate the involvement of someone else — and some of them pointed toward the alleged Thomas Wayne character, making him a recent favorite among fans (after most other villains had either been eliminated).

There's still one advertised issue left of Batman Eternal, and #52 should prove to be an interesting reunion between the supposed brothers. After that issue, Batman Eternal will take a hiatus for an unspecified period of time (probably related to the "all-new Batman" who will be wearing the Batman suit come June).

It's also important to remember that Batman Eternal takes place before current events in the Batman universe, so readers can rest assured that Batman will escape in Batman Eternal #52. But will his brother survive? And if he does…. could Batman Eternal be tied to the "all-new Batman" who's gracing the cover of Batman #41?

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