'Spider-Island #1' cover by Humberto Ramos
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

There is a classic Marvel series called Marvel Two-In-One which featured two for the price of one, and in a way Marvel is doing that again.

Marvel announced Wednesday via Comic Vine a new Secret Wars series titled Spider-Island. The series features a lead story revisiting the "Spider-Island" event by Christos Gage and Paco Diaz, and along with that is a secondary story featuring a return of not just Mayday Parker but the entire MC2 universe, with key creators Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz.

Here is the solicitation for the first two issues, which ship in July:

· The Spider-Queen has turned Manhattan into an island of Spider-Madness and Peter Parker has lost, thanks to Spider-Scribe CHRISTOS GAGE (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN) & rising star artist PACO DIAZ (WOLVERINE, SCARLET SPIDERS).
· With Spider-Man defeated and captive, does Flash Thompson, A.K.A. VENOM stand a chance?
· All this, plus visit the MC2 patch of BATTLEWORLD! Mayday Parker and her Spider-Family are back courtesy of classic Spider-Girl team TOM DEFALCO, RON FRENZ & SAL BUSCEMA!
40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99

Gage says his lead story in Spider-Island is set in an alternate timeline where Spider-Queen, the villain of the original "Spider-Island" event, won that day instead of being thwarted by Spider-Man.

"She rules an island of people her Spider-Virus turned into huge mutant man-spiders, with her Spider-King (a transformed Captain America) by her side," says Gage. "Pretty much every human being in her kingdom is a spider-monster, loyal to her...except a stubborn resistance force of uninfected, led by Flash Thompson, a.k.a. Agent Venom."

The writer says that in this alternate timeline, Spider-Man is presumed dead leaving Flash in charge -- and with a plan to turn the heroes infected with the Spider-Virus into something worse to make things better.

"Flash is tormented by his failure in the final, decisive battle of New York's champions against the Queen, in which he was unable to save his hero, Spider-Man, who was lost in the fight and is presumed dead," Gage says. "Though the Venom symbiote is vulnerable to the Queen's sonic powers, Flash is determined to redeem himself, or die trying. And he has a plan...a way to turn old allies from pawns of the Queen into free-thinking beings. But in this world, there's no cure for the Spider-Virus. It's too late. The only option is to transform the subjects into something else...and that's how Capwolf, Lizard Hulk and other bizarre twists on familiar characters come into the story!"

In the Spider-Island's secondary story featuring Mayday and the return of the MC2, it starts off with Mayday's decision to transition from the name Spider-Girl to Spider-Woman.

"The newly christened Spider-Woman and her alternate universe Uncle Ben are the entre' characters to the wonderment that is our MC2 universe," says Ron Frenz.

Defalco calls this series a "real and unexpected pleasure," and confirms that Hope Pym (who will be played by Evangeline Lilly in the upcoming Ant-Man movie) will be appearing as well as other A-NEXT heroes.

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