Is This The First Look At The Face Of FANTASTIC FOUR's THING?

Pruported shot of 'Fantastic Four' line-up poster
Credit: Instagram User albertoheineken26

People have been anticipating the full reveal of Joshua Trank's Fantastic Four heroes in their superhero identities, and those heroes might have done it in South America.

Instagram user albertoheineken26 posted Tuesday evening a photograph of him standing in front of what appears to be a Spanish-language mural poster for Fantastic Four with new images of all four heroes. The film, which is confirmed as being called Los 4 Fantasticos in Spanish-language countries, has yet to reveal officially what Jamie Bell's Ben Grimm looks like completely in his form as the Thing - but, if this poster is real and not an elaborate Photoshop stunt (Kate Mara in particular looks a little iffy) - it does just that.

Is it legitimate? What do you think?

Take a look:


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20th Century Fox, Trank and none of those involved with the Fantastic Four movie have commented on this Instagram post.

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