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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Convergence is giving DC the chance to form an all-female Justice League, and it's an experienced, pre-Flashpoint group with plenty of power — Zatanna, Supergirl, Jesse Quick, Vixen, Jade and Mera.

Convergence: Justice League, written by Frank Tieri with art by Vicente Cifuentes, gives this handful of pre-New 52 women the chance to return for one final adventure, uniting to fight characters from Flashpoint — particularly a crazed, possessive version of Aquaman who's after Mera.

It's all part of the two-month Convergence event, which features dozens of domed cities from throughout DC history battling each other. In Week One of the event, the pre-New 52 universe is revived to battle characters from Flashpoint, kicking off a series of two-issue stories that tie into the main weekly comic.

In Convergence: Justice League, Tieri's featuring groups from two different Gotham Cities — with the pre-Flashpoint ladies having been trapped while they were attending Jesse Quick's baby shower. What comes next? Newsarama talked to Tieri to find out more.

Newsarama: Frank, how did you develop the idea for this story? What was it about this group of characters that appealed to you?

Frank Tieri: Well, first of all it’s JLA — it’s one of the premiere books in comics — so that’s what appealed to me immediately. And if it didn’t, then I’m really in the wrong business.

As for the story, once we determined it would be an all-female version of the team, it all kind of fell into place.

We knew Flashpoint Aquaman would be the aggressor and the one to attack first because he’s really such a bastard — but the question was, what would he be after?

At first I came up with the idea for him to go after Jesse Quick’s baby — the thought was that since he had lost his own son, Arthur Curry Jr., that he would want Jesse’s baby to raise as his own. Dan [DiDio] thought that might be a little too dark for the story we wanted to tell and that’s when we came around to Mera, who really was the perfect choice.

Nrama: Can you describe what it's like when this group of super-powered women get together? And it's Jesse Quick's baby shower, right?

Tieri: We needed a good reason for all these ladies to get together — after all, when last we saw them all together in their own series, they had disbanded.

Jesse Quick’s baby was the perfect catalyst to do that. Jesse had been pregnant so it had to be addressed — and what better way to get female friends together than a baby shower? The problem is, of course, that most baby showers don’t have a giant alien dome coming down over your city while you’re having it.

Nrama: OK, so let's walk through the characters you're dealing with. Supergirl from pre-Flashpoint is still Kara Zor-El, and very young, but a little more experienced than the one they've got in the New 52.

Tieri: I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Supergirl, along with Flashpoint Aquaman, were my favorites to write. Maybe because I was a Superman guy as a kid but I really dug writing her, which was a pleasant surprise.

As a result, she probably got a good share of the best scenes, if I’m being honest about it. In fact, there’s a fairly nasty one-on-one throw-down she has with Aquaman in issue #2 that really is one of the highlights of the series.

Nrama: And then you've got Zatanna, Jade and Vixen. Anything you can tell us about the characters and what they're like after being under the dome in this version of Gotham City?

Tieri: Zatanna has become something of a celebrity by default in this Gotham since most of the bigger stars would’ve been trapped outside of the dome. This causes some good old-fashioned ball breaking from the other girls — particularly Vixen. They have fun with it, and when we catch up with them after six months under the dome, that’s what they’re doing — having fun, blowing off some steam during a Girl’s Night Out.

If anything, being trapped together under this dome has brought them all even closer — yeah it sucks, but maybe it sucks less because at least they have each other.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: What's it been like working within the world of Convergence? What are the challenges and benefits that come with having the domed cities as a backdrop?

Tieri: Clearly the big question is, what would life be like living under a dome for all that time? What would be different, how would you adapt, etcetera?

We obviously had to address that, and we show it in some ways, like, the Zatanna celebrity thing, Supergirl becoming a reporter for the Gotham Gazette, Jesse Quick raising her baby, etcetera — but it’s probably most deeply demonstrated by Mera. She’s separated from Aquaman and quite frankly … it’s killing her.

Of course, there is an Aquaman that’s about to enter her life again, though it’s certainly not the one she’ll be wanting to…

Nrama: Why does Flashpoint Aquaman work with this story? What does he bring to it?

Tieri: He brings some good old-fashioned batsh*t craziness that really drives our story. I’ve referred to him as “Single White Fish” on a number of occasions because that’s really what he is here — like the Jennifer Jason Leigh character in Single White Female, he’s insanely obsessed. And as a result, it’s his target, Mera in this case, that’s worse the wear for it.

Nrama: Any other characters or threats you can tell us about that show up in the course of the story you're telling in Convergence: Justice League?

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Tieri: Well, let’s put it this way… Aquaman’s not exactly alone here. I mean, if he was, let’s face it — he’d get creamed. Let’s just say he gets by with a little help from his friends. And some very large aquatic ones at that.

Nrama: Before we finish up, Frank, what do you think of the overall Convergence idea?

Tieri: For me it was fun. It gave me a chance to play in areas I don’t normally get to play with in the DCU. I mean, let’s face it — I don’t think anyone would’ve thought of me out of the gate as the person writing an all-female JLA.

And yet, here we are.

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell fans about Convergence: Justice League?

Tieri: That technically, one of the male JLAers does make it in as a cameo. You’ll know it when you see it… and it’s not to be missed.

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