Marvel Adds Another SECRET WARS Mash-up Superteam

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders
Credit: Marvel Comics

With Secret Wars coming in May, it looks like Marvel is sounding out an "all hands on" deck for heroes -- with some surprising twists and turns.

Marvel announced Tuesday via Blastr a new series titled Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders. The series, seemingly a "Mighty" spin of Ewing's current All-New Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, features Captain Britain & The MI:13 star Faiza Hussain picking up the sword and the mantle of Captain Britain, joined by heroes including She-Hulk, White Tiger, Kid Rescue and Hobie Brown. Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders is set in the center of a battle between two warring Battleworld domains, that of Mondo-City One and Yinsen City.

"On the one hand, we have the fascist futuropolis of Mondo City, originally invented by Jeff Parker, which is an analogue for a certain sci-fi mega-city I've written about in the past, one that British comic readers - and fans of cool, cult sci-fi movies - will be very familiar with," says Ewing. "It's ruled over by the Bosses, who are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is Boss Cage, aging but still undefeatable clone of Luke Cage's grandson Danny."

Yinsen City comes from the Marvel Infinite comic series Iron Man: Fatal Frontier which Ewing wrote with Kieron Gillen. Yinsen City was ruled over by Ho Yinsen, the kindly older gentlemen who helped Tony Stark build the original Iron Man armor but died during Stark's escape.

"On the other hand, we've got Yinsen City, where Ho Yinsen survived the origin of Iron Man instead of Tony Stark, and used his own medical tech to create the Rescue Armor," Ewing explains. " His influence turned Marvel-Earth into a utopia of peace and plenty, peacefully colonizing space. As you can imagine, when Mondo City decides it wants some of that peace and plenty for itself - all in the name of the law, or course - the kind and generous people of the Yinsenverse are going to have trouble standing in their way. Or are they?"

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