All-New, All-Different Avengers teaser
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Marvel's so-called "Earth's Mighiest Heroes" are also some of the most mysterious after the reveal earlier on Tuesday of the cover to The All-New, All-Different Avengers book coming out for Free Comic Book Day on May 2, 2015. With five blacked out characters in this illustration by Jerome Opena and recent Marvel press/marketing history suggesting the publisher will likely reveal the characters in a series of follow-up releases during the course of the week, it probably won't be too long before the full team is revealed. But what's to stop us from some friendly speculation on what could be behind those black blobs?

All-New, All-Different Avengers With Speculation by Newsarama
All-New, All-Different Avengers With Speculation by Newsarama
Credit: Marvel

First off, the last two major Avengers teams introduced (A-Force and Uncanny Avengers) had a mission statement which in some ways influenced their roster. Given the title "All-New, All-Different" and because we now know the team will feature existing and promiment all-new, all-different characters (Thor and Ms. Marvel), applying that conceit to the entire roster suggests 'legacy' heroes - meaning characters filling roles and/or sporting codenames that have a history in the Marvel Universe. 

The character in the center - which seems easiest to identify - would also fit this profile. Given the circular shape and wings its seems fairly obvous the character is Sam Wilson, the All-New Captain America, another legacy hero.

Moving to the top left, that figure looks armored - and Marvel's most famous armored Avenger is Iron Man. Sticking with the legacy conceit, War Machine and Rescue immediately come to mind. But given the recent reveal in the solicits for May's Superior Iron Man #9 that Pepper Potts would be donning her armor again (as "Iron Woman" no less), we think readers need to keep an eye on Pepper.

Swinging over to the top right, this one has us somwhat stumped. The seemingly flying figure appears to have some sort of cape or long hair. While the Inhumans' Medusa was featured in the All-New Avengers NOW! promo image, her hair seems too long to fit in in this blacked-out silhouette and she doesn't fly and she's not a legacy character. But neither are the Vision, Dr. Strange, Sentry, Scarlet Witch, or Magneto, some of the more prominent but scarce caped Marvel heroes.

However, the Hyperion whom Jonathan Hickman has introduced into Avengers is one of several characters to have played the Hyperion role. He's not a legacy character per se (he's one of several alternate universe versions of Hyperios) but he is an all-new, all-different version of a character with a long Marvel history and would tie the book somewhat into the Hickman era, which maybe coincidentially this All-New, All-Different Avengers cover artist Jerome Opena illustrated part of.

Sliding down, the bottom right jumps out to us as Sam Alexander, the latest Nova. What gives it away for us is the head-shape and what seems to be arm protectors that look similiar to those worn by Novas in the past. Marvel has had big plans for him since introducing him in the opening of AvX, and Marvel has continued that through his solo series. While Alexander hasn't been mentioned in regards to their Secret Wars plans as of yet, the Nova Corps are being featured prominently in The Infinity Gauntlet series by Gerry Duggan and Dustin Weaver.

Last up in this assemblage of Avengers is the center bottom character. While there are a number of major Marvel legacies not yet represented in our speculation for this All-New, All-Different Avengers cover, what seems to be the most interesting story-wise (and marketing-wise), as well as fitting into that shadow shape, is Spider-Man. But not just any Spider-Man...

Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider-Man.

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