Hail Hydra #1
Hail Hydra #1
Credit: Marvel

All-New Captain America may be ending with the advent of Secret Wars, but it's Hydra-centric story seems to be living on.

Marvel announced Monday via ComicBook a new series set in Secret Wars titled Hail Hydra. Written by All-New Captain America Rick Remender and drawn by The Winter Soldier:The Bitter March's Roland Boschi, Hail Hydra is set in Battleworld domain wherein Hydra usurped American patriotism to be the dominant ideal in the United States. The series stars Steve Rogers' adopted son, Ian, who has been transplanted from the main 616 continuity into this world in a 'fish out of water' scenario.

"It really was an opportunity just to put a visual on what would happen if Hydra were to win. We’ve always seen Hydra's attempts at world domination foiled, so this story gives us an opportunity to dig into a world where Hydra was not only never stopped but had insinuated itself into the American system and took over the country hundreds of years ago," says Remender. "In this world, we'll see a New York City where Hydra was like the Freemasons of history. Hydraa is now the American Dream."

Although there's no word on if and when the current Captain America, Sam Wilson, would be a part of the Hail Hydra series, Remender did say it would feature some characters from All-New Captain America -- but also Hydra-fied versions of many of Marvel's top characters.

"It’s essentially things like, what would Arnim Zola be in this world? What would Tony Stark be in this world? What would Eddie Brock be in this World?," Remender says "We're playing off of that and building this Hydra world and then dropping in a 'fish out of water' with Ian Rogers, Nomad. What’s cool about Ian is that he drifted from one dimension to the next in the main Captain America series, and now he's drifting into this dimension. It kind of gives meaning to the name 'Nomad,' because he really is drifting from one place to another. That's what made him the right choice for the story."

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