Secret Wars' Civil War
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A famous 1970s song had a lyric which asked "War, what is it good for?" Well, in superhero comics it's good for sales.

Marvel announced today via CNN that it's reviving the Civil War name and setting for a new series set in the midst of this summer's Secret Wars crossover event. Originally written by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, the new Civil War series will be created  by Charles Soule and Leinil Yu.

"Secret Wars is an opportunity to revisit some of the great Marvel stories of the past. One of those is Civil War, and I got the call to work on that," says Soule. "Civil War happened in 2006 and 2007, and in that story Captain America and Iron Man went after each other based on an ideological difference on superheroes in the world. What I'm doing is taking that story in a different direction."

Soule says this new Civil War series will key in on the same debate as the original, "security versus freedom."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"If you look at the ideas that that story had, Iron Man thought superheroes should have to register with the government, and become something of a police force," says the writer. "Captain America thought that that was restricting the central freedoms of this country. It was a debate of security versus freedom. We're taking that basic idea and expanding it to a larger canvas. The Registration Act is all in the past at this point. It's more of a world drastically changed based on a superhero war, and it's a huge story and it's fun to be able to involve every Marvel character there is."

The original 2006-2007 Civil War series was the best-selling limited series published by Marvel in the past decade, and its storyline is serving as the basis for the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War.

This Civil War announcement is the latest in a series of Secret Wars tie-in series announced after teasing them in late 2014. Of all the teasers originally distributed, the only one that hasn't been revealed (yet) is a House of M series of some sort.

Credit: Marvel Comics
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