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Although the role of the titular star of Preacher remains vacant, the AMC adaptation of the Vertigo series has found its Arseface.

Deadline reports that AMC has cast actor Ian Collette recently of Fox's Rake to play Eugene Root, a.k.a. Arseface. Arseface was introduced in Preacher as a horribly disfingured young man who is a pariah in his town despite being good-natured and earnest.

Collette is the second cast member confirmed for Preacher after Thursday's announcement of Ruth Negga as Tulip. So far there have been no announcements about the casting of Cassidy or Jesse Custer.

AMC's Preacher is currently prepping to shoot a pilot episode. If successful with pleasing the network, the show could air as early as this fall.

Credit: Image Comics

CHRONONAUTS Say It's Time For A Movie

And in another Deadline news item, the comic series Chrononauts has been optioned as a feature film by Universal Pictures. The comic, by Mark Millar and Sean Murphy, was released earlier this week and stars two young men being chased through time in a spin on the "buddy movie" archetype with time travel. According to Murphy, the deal was made back in August 2014 but was held back from announcing until now.

The Chrononauts will reportedly be produced by Chris Morgan and be overseen by Universal Pictures. Morgan is best known as the screenwriter behind five of the most recent Fast & Furious movies, and also wrote the screenplay for Millar's first comics-to-movie project, Wanted.

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