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Deadpool's never been known much as a detective, but it looks as if one of the mysteries surrounding his upcoming movie has been solved.

On Thursday, Morena Baccarin tweeted out an image from the set of Deadpool, which she was announced as co-starring in earlier this year. During the original announcement her role wasn't revealed, but the newly tweeted photo was of a chair sporting a Deadpool logo and the character name "Vanessa." Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld chimed in on Instagram and confirmed that the "Vanessa" was in fact Baccarin's character name.


From Morena Baccarin/Vanessa "Let's do this!" #Deadpool 1st appearance Vanessa is New Mutants #98 #robliefeld

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Though Baccarin's original image doesn't confirm her role, Liefeld's Instagram refers to her as a character named "Vanessa" who debuted in New Mutants #98. There's no Vanessa mentioned by name in that issue (which also, coincidentally, is the debut of Deadpool), but long-time fans of Deadpool will remember that the monochromatic mercenary Domino whom debuted in that issue was revealed years later revealed to be a doppelganger played by a shapeshifting mutant named Copycat, a.ka. Vanessa Carlyle. The real Domino was formally introduced later, but Vanessa became a long-time partner of Deadpool in his solo series.

Copycat's powers are similiar to that of fellow mutant Mystique, but go even further by being able to replicate the powers of another as well. In comics, she -- like Deadpool and Wolverine -- were experimented on as part of the Weapon X program.

Interestingly enough, Copycat has already appeared, in a sense, in the X-Men movie-verse. Her name was listed in the files of William Stryker during Mystique's infiltration of his base during X2.

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