Jim Parsons Wants to Play THE RIDDLER, T.J. Miller Confirms He's Playing WEASEL in Fox's DEADPOOL, More

Jim Parsons / The Riddler
Jim Parsons / The Riddler
Credit: CBS / DC Comics

Riddle me this! Which Emmy-winning comedy actor wants to portray Batman's query-crafing nemesis the Riddler on film?

If you guessed Jim Parsons, bazinga! You guessed it. In a chat with MTV UK, Parsons answered a fan's question as to which superhero he'd like to play by suggesting he'd make an excellent Riddler, a sentiment with which the interviewer agreed. Check out the video below.

T.J. Miller Confirms He's Playing Weasel In The Upcoming Deadpool Film

T.J. Miller has confirmed his heretofore unknown role in Fox's Deadpool, tweeting yesterday that he'll be playing Jack Hammer, A.K.A. Weasel. While he had implied as much in previous tweets, yesterday's tweet seems to confirm the speculation.

For those who don't know, Weasel is a genius computer hacker and tech-guru who occasionally serves as Deadpool's right hand man.

Credit: Ron Harris

Crash Ryan Film in the Works 

According to Variety, producer Ryan Heppe has acquired the movie rights to the early '80's Marvel Comic Crash Ryan, which tells the story of an ace pilot in a retro-futuristic world of super-airplanes and flying airports.

Heppe has teamed with writer David Cowper to craft a script entitled Crash Ryan and the Eyes of Lemuria, which Variety describes as "an earthbound, steampunk-inspired fusion of Indiana Jones and Star Wars."

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