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It looks like there's a new Oracle in the DC Universe.

Spoilers ahead for all those that haven't read Batgirl #40.

According to March 18's Batgirl #40, Barbara's disabled friend Frankie, who has muscular dystrophy, will be working in conjunction with the heroine, using a computer to direct Batgirl toward areas that need some butt-kicking. She'll be utilizing an algorithm that was created by Barbara Gordon to "predict criminal activity" and target problem spots.

Credit: DC Comics

The creative team behind Batgirl even teased the "Oracle" name, although Frankie came just short of announcing it. "I think that," she said, "if done right, it could work. And I think that I can work with it. Kind of like… your partner. I even gave it a name… was that the door?"

So, no official Oracle name yet. But there will be a soon-to-be-wheelchair-bound character who will have the ability to send crime-fighters to trouble spots in the Gotham area.

Credit: DC Comics

Oracle was the name taken by Barbara Gordon in the past, now-rebooted continuity, where she was wheelchair-bound after being attacked by the Joker. The brainy paraplegic heroine was admired for being an example of someone who was heroic despite her disability.

But the New 52 reboot in 2011 "healed" Barbara Gordon and eliminated her history as Oracle.

The introduction of a new Oracle in the rebooted universe is something DC fans have been speculating about for awhile — particularly since Batgirl #39 revealed that Barbara had an evil digital twin, based on her brain scan.

Credit: DC Comics

The story behind the "evil digital twin," revealed in Secret Origins #10, was that Barbara had written an intelligent algorithm using the raw signal data from her brain scan. Her intention was that the algorithm would "analyze social patterns and predict criminal activity to target problem spots before they happen." Once those crime spots were identified, an "information broker," as the Barbara called it, would send "operatives" to deal with them.

With Batgirl #40, it turns out that Frankie is the "information broker" who's going to be sending operatives out to fight crime. In other words…. Oracle, right?

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