Star Wars #8
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Stuart Immonen

Marvel's Star Wars series has nabbed a new star artist.

Hot on the heels of Jon Cassaday announcing that June's Star Wars #6 would be his last issue, on Tuesday Marvel announced that All-New Captain America artist Stuart Immonen would be joining the series in July's Star Wars #8. Marvel states that a "very special guest artist" will be drawing Star Wars #7, between Cassaday and Immonen's runs.

Immonen comes to the Star Wars title after a brief run on All-New Captain America, and has previously worked on many of Marvel's top books including New Avengers, All-New X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man. Although the cartoonist hasn't done any official work for the Star Wars franchise at either Marvel or the previous comics licensor Dark Horse, Immonen has done numerous illustrations featuring Star Wars characters before. Immonen's interest in Star Wars as a fan went so far as building a lightsaber prop with his son, as well as numerous LEGO creations of various characters, vehicles, and locations from the Star Wars movies.

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